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    I have a website for my hospital where I can message any doctor I see. So, I wrote my General Practitioner, and my Rheumy last weeks. I basically told them exactly what was going on, that both hips hurt so bad, I couldn’t even walk without screaming in pain. (You see, my FM has settled in my lower back and hips.) I went on to tell them, the Lyrica was never effective for pain, over five on a scale of one to ten. I told them I could not wait till Aug to see him, I needed help NOW.

    I got an immediate message from my doctor, who has been helping me a lot with my pain management. She told me she could order me some Ultram to try once more, since I thought I reacted to it way back in 94, we would see if it was the medicine. (because I wasn't a nurse then and did not know if it was a real reaction.)

    A couple of days later, I got a message from my Rheumy. He was booked but I could see his Nurse Practitioner right away. I figured why not, I needed help now. I messaged my General Practitioner and told her what was happening. She wrote back saying she would hold off ordering the Ultram, to see what my Rheumy would do. (They don’t do anything without consulting each other which is great.)

    Well to make a long story short, I saw the nurse yesterday. The first thing she did was examine me and ask where I was hurting the most, and how bad it was. I was crying the pain was so bad. I told her, my hips hurt so bad, I couldn't do anything without crying in pain, adding that Lyrica did NOT help at all with this level of pain.

    She assured me she would help. She then said I needed tender point injections on both hips. The injection is usually a steroid and anesthetic. The steroid would burn a bit, but is usually tolerated. She went on to say, that if they work, I should get them about three times a year. She sprayed the area with a cold numbing agent, and then gave me xylocaine and cortisone.

    WOW, no more pain, at least off the rector scale. I was able to walk to the car, without limping, crying, and cussing. Today I got my Ultram this afternoon, and as of 9pm, I am in no pain.

    THANK GOODNESS. I will keep you all updated.


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    Tender point shots worked for my mom too who also has the worst of her pain in her hips and lower back. I personally had a not so wonderful experience with cortisone, it unfortunately made me very ill for weeks after the injection in my lower back (I had injured it while working). But I have also found as of recently I have bad reactions to just about everything anymore.

    I hope they continue to work for you as hip pain can be the worse since you use your hips to do just about everything including movement.

    Keep us posted!
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  3. I believe there is also "Ultracet"- Ultram + Tylenol (aCETaminophin)...

    One warning I do know of, from ultram, is that for whatever reason, it does warn that it "lowers the seizure threshold" meaning, if you *have* seizures, or history of, relatives, etc.. you should not take Ultram... but, that's something for patient & doctor together, to discuss & decide.

    Ultram is the only pain medication I tolerate with my guts being such a mess, and moreso, this da*ned pancreas problem (chronic pancreatitis, from gall bladder surgery in 2000, as well as having been born with pancreas divisum (literally = divided pancreas- something 7-10% of the population apparently has)..

    But, unfortunately... for me, like a LOT of meds, seemingly the pain medications though, (most just flat out don't work at ALL, from the get-go)- all but Lortab- but, my pancreas, again, will not have any of it. Triggers excrutiating 'spasms'... anyways, as with all but for Lortab/Norco... Ultram never works better for me, then say the 1st week I'm on it.

    Recently my pain clinic NP gave me the Ultram ER (one 200mg tablet, every 24 hrs- NONE of that 'extended release' crapola works worth a DARNED for me.... not fentanyl, MS Contin (MSIR), OxyContin(OxyIR), not ultram.

    However, it had been probably 8 yrs since my primary doctor had put me on the regular Ultram, (whoa! the side effects at first were HORRIBLE! constant drool-like state of grogginess, and tremendous miserable nausea) but, once that had worn off, NOT ONLY, did it help my pain- but, it worked somehow as a MOOD elevator for me (??) Not high, not euphoric, nothing of that sort, I just felt "happily OK"... just slightly optimistic. (OH how I'd give ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD to have that feeling all the time!)

    OH, and it was also a decent appetite suppressant (was I dreaming? LOL)

    But, then* I developed far worse insomnia, I was clenching my jaws non-stop, they hurt bad from it, and... I began *chain smoking!!!* LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN . Ug.

    And the pain was back. I felt sooo sooo let down, (that was still very early on, in my illness. I've had many many since then, of course..)

    And, with the Ultram ER I tried earlier this year... same thing, without the nausea & grogginess... probably for less than a week, I did have *some* pain relief, but, not much...

    that fantastic mood boost, of *just the right amount*... just feeling *human* and "Ok" with things... was back... but quickly gone again, insomnia set in,

    Hope springs eternal, so, I took it, longer then I should have, but, then realized, why pay $80/month, when it's not working, at ALL... and so I stopped it. I *think* this time around too... that it caused my headaches to become much (daily, & most of the day) worse.

    Wish y'all THE BEST, so glad you got some relief..

    Before I ever even started getting really sick- my hips began hurting me, 18 yrs old, I worked graveyards in a nursing home, for crummy pay, and remember coming home, (my mom was a nurse at another home) and telling her, it felt like someone had driven metal spikes into both hips, and her sympathizing, knowing the pain herself apparently (she's been dx'd with fibro since I was 17 or so, following cancer/hysterectomy)... and, of course, with short-staffing, leading to FAR too heavy lifting, & repetative injuries, my back was next...

    So, I sympathize..

    I just had a nerve block on my pancreas, Friday morning, and (yesterday, Tuesday) had a nerve block done from L3-L5, due to one of my herniated discs, which has gotten worse, since 2 yrs ago. I will have a nerve *ablation* done there, probably in 2 wks. I'm hoping I will have some relief from both procedures,

    The ablation I had done in Nov, on spine, sadly, barely lasted 8 wks, (I think it was more like 6, maybe 7) and yet insurance, of course, only allows them every 6 months... but, the relief I *did* get, was SO fantastic. I'm 31, and haven't NOT had nerve pain down my legs, & in my back, since 18... it was GREAT.. especially since it was done right during holiday(shopping) season.

    I'm hoping this one will be done before Aug 15th (Nickelback concert with hubby! YAY! and then Aerosmith w/ ZZTop on Aug 30th with my sis.)

    Hang in there.

    So glad you can honestly post NO PAIN- how awesome does that feel!? SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

    Savor each & every second of it. :)


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