update... now on predisone and lunesta

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  1. cczub

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    Went to the rhummy on monday and he said I meet all the criteria for fibro but has to rule out some rare lower back disease first. He put me on predisone 5mg am 5mg pm. I go back to see him in a month with the results of a lower back x-ray and blood work. Saw my doctor yesterday and he put me on 1mg of Lunesta.

    I haven't had any luck finding info on lunesta and was wondering if anyone else has taken it. I took my first dose last night and didn't notice much difference at all in my sleep. Little better than my average of 2 hours but not by much. I actually woke up this morning with bad stomach pain and couldn't fall back to seelp for more than 30 minutes at a shot. Does lunesta take a day or two to start working??

    Hopefully around the beginning of 2006 I'll have a diagnosis either way.
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    Lunesta is what our generic called Zopiclone is in Canada as far as we figured out on here .. 1 mg ???? that won't do a thing as far as I know .. we start at 7.5 mgs or if you are sensitive, half the tablet which would still be more than 1 mg .. I would get back to the doctor right away .. you should be having better sleep in a larger dose !
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )
  3. cczub

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    For the lunesta there are 3 doses.. 1mg, 2mg and 3mg. I guess he is starting me on the lowest does. Is this medication supposed to work the first time you take it?? Also my pain lelve has been high since last week and that could be contributing. I've been taking Vicoden or Percoset at night for pain that I had left over from previous surgeries and I told my doctor that... He won't give me any pain meds.

    The rhummy said to give the predisone a few days to start working and he's hoping that will help the pain ease up.

    I don't like my current doctor and am thinking of changing doctors. It's extremely hard to get a hold of him and it took me 30+ minutes on the phone between the pharmacy and the doctors office just to get the script filled cause he didn't put a dosage on it. I dropped off the script in the morning and didn't get it filled till 6 last night after fightin with the doctor's resptionist to get the dossage from the docotor then I had to call the phamacy again to have them call the office. WHy couldn't they just call it in??

    Furstrated, tired and sore today!

  4. Goldyfm

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    I started Lunesta 3 mg about a month ago and it is working very well for me. I had been on Ambiien 5 and 10 for many years, though. I usually sleep 5-6 hours on Lunesta. It does cause a bad metallic taste in your mouth but to sleep most of the nite, I can put up with it. Be careful with the Prednisone, It is to beef you up and make you feel better but it can also mask infection.
  5. cczub

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    I have been on prednisone before for long periods of time for pericarditis and know what you mean. I don't like taking the stuff as it gives me a false sense or good feeling and I tend to overdo it cause it's masking what's really going on.

    Should the lunesta work on the first does?? I can't find any literature on if it's a quick acting our if it takes time. I know I'm also on a low does and wonder if it's enough! I hate starting new meds.

    After comming off the lexapro and xanax I've notice that I have a wierd tase in my mouth alot and alot of stuff tastes bitter or salty..
  6. elsa

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    Lunesta works well for my sleep disorder. I started with 2mgs last June. Without it I have trouble falling asleep and when I do manage to, I have trouble staying asleep for very long. With 2mgs, both those problems are taken care of.

    I also have an rx for 1mg. I take that amount when I am pretty tired all on my own, or can't devote all the hours to sleep needed .... ala, 7 to 8 hours. (If I cut my sleep time short on 2mgs, I have a sleep hangover the next day.)

    The reason for two rx'es at different doses is you aren't supposed to break lunesta in half .... I wouldn't advise it anyway .... The taste is awful that way for many people.

    Maybe ask your doctor for the 2mg dose. I don't know of many with CFS/FM that start lunesta at 1mgs. Our sleep disorders are just too tough to fix.

    Also, if you just started it, maybe give it a few more nights to become adjusted to it. Lunesta does not build on itself, but sometimes we are slow on the uptake where rx'es are concerned.

    Your prednisone is probably contributing to you sleep problem. Alot of us have on abnormal cortisol out-put. Meaning that instead of having the smallest amount of cortisol in bloodstream as night approaches, our cortisol level increases. It should be the other way around ... Highest in the morning. Since cortisol will effect energy levels this could be a bad thing where sleep is concerned.

    I'm guessing the prednisone is for pain? I take compounded cortisol 10mgs in the AM for energy, brain function,immune system, etc. It doesn't have quite the side effect issues that prednisone does .... Maybe you can talk it over with your doctor.

    Good luck with this .... once you fix your sleep life will improve ... not a cure, just one more area affected by CFS/FM that is treatable.

    Take care,


  7. cczub

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    Yah, that's what the doctor is using it for. I had been taking extra vicoden or percocet I had left over when the level was really high on a paticular day.

    Are there any side affects on taking the lunesta with a pain killer like vicoden or percocet?? My doctor sorta just threw me on this with no real directions or info on it and I forgot to ask at the pharmacy last night since I was so fustrated..

    Thanks for the info.. I'll give it a few days at this level to see what happens... I'll try to get a hold of the doc next week if it doesn't improve and I guess I can take 2 1mg tabs if we want to increase the does... Of course I wouln't have a 1 month supply anymore and might run into a problem getting a refil early.
  8. laura81655

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    I agree with the others, taking Prednisone in the evening could make it difficult to get to sleep. I wonder if you could just take it in the am?

    Good luck with being able to find a diagnosis.

  9. goaska29

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    The 1mg dosage of Lunesta really didnt do it for me. When I mentioned this to the doctor at the FFC, she said that she only gives Rx for 1mg for elderly or very sensitive patients. She said that 2mg and above are most effective.
  10. cczub

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    I take 5mg in the am and 5 in the pm. The doctor want to space them out to keep a onstant level I guess. With the pericarditis it was 10mg in the am...

    I took the lunesta last night and waited for it to kick in, and waited some more. I was surprised since I was already tired I though it would kick in... Maybe the dose is too low. I plan on taking a vicoden tonight since I'm sore from installing lights and running wire today so we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for all the input.

    It's funny when you read all the side effects of the medication it looks like they would just cancel each other out. That's why I hate the let's try this and see method.
    I spend $20 at the doctor then $20-35 per script with 3 scripts a month and 2-4 doctor visits each month, it adds up quick!
  11. razorqueen

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    it leaches out the calcium in your bones and causes osteoarthristis! My daughter is in the midst of a Crohn's daignosis, and I will do everything I can to make sure she doesn't go on that stuff!