Update of my friend Joan /another prayer request !

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    Dear friends,

    I received a very disturbing e-mail from my sick friend Joan who is suffering from uterine cancer (tissues and muscles around the uterus, so removal of uterus would not help.). After answering and receiving a couple more e-mails from her and some other classmates/friends, I found out the whole story.

    She had gone and spoke to the doctors at Sloan Kettering in NY who told her that they would do more chemo on her if she wished but that she should more than likely have had it done awhile ago, after her surgery. The chemo might lengthen her life a bit but probably not alot. She also got very sick after having the chemo. and did not wish to go through it all again. So, that is the way it will be.She also did not tell me right away but I gathered from the last part of her last e-mail that she was farther along in her sickness than it sounded like originally. Another classmate called and also told me that one of her kidneys were already starting to fail. She is ready for meds to make her comfortable and hospice to come in when it becomes necessary.

    Please do pray for Joan and her swift passing and as little discomfort as possible, if she cannot be completely healed. Thanks you to all of you who have been praying for her.

    Also, another sad story is our wonderul fairly new priest ( he has been with us for a couple of years now) that eveyone just loves. He is so sweet, forgiving and understanding - and funny to I might add. He is fighting lung cancer which has spread to the spine. He has had alot of chemo. and they did a PET scan on him the other day. I have heard from a couple of people that the cancer in his lungs is in remission . However, in the spine I am not sure.

    There MAY have been some shrinking of the tumor(s) not sure. I think they are going to do some more chemo on him to hopefully get rid of the spinal tumor(s).. He has had so many prayers going out for him. BTW, he is still smoking but we do not expect him to stop after the many years he has been smoking. Also, he needs to be kept as happy as possible and smoking does make him happy (-: ! He also has been doing alot more than he should be and even has a touch of pneumonia. So, last night he was ordered to bed by his doctor and not allowed to come to the St. Pats Party he started at the church. He is VERY Irish !! The party was great, so sorry he missed it but he did need to stay in bed. Poor guys has already lost at least 70 lbs. Nothing tastes good to him. We did send him some fish from our Lenten fish Fry that he really loves.

    Could you all please send out prayers and wonderful thoughts to him as well as my friend Joan.

    Hugs and blessings,


    God bless you all from listeneing and for your prayers in a advance, as well as for those prayers already said !
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    Prayers going out to you and friends. So sorry you are going through this, as I'm sure it's very hard to see friends go through hard times, especially when it will bring death. It's not easy to let go. Hold on to good memories, start now. Love, Cynthia
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    Crystal, Julie, Cynthia et al,

    Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers for both my friend Joan and my Pastor. They are such good people and it is so hard to see this. Hoping there will be some better luck for my Pastor and that the cheom will shrink his tumors on his spine.

    God bless you all !

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    Prayers going out for Joan. My mum and dad both passed of the disease when only 60 and 65 respectively.

    I will pray yourfriend suffers as little discomfort as possible.

    And also your priest. May they be enveloped in Gods warmth at all times whether they are meant to stay on or go.

    Also praying for their caregivers..from experience i know how heartbreaking it is for someone to see their loved ones fade and have the feeling they cannot prevent it.

    God Bless
  5. The other night, when I prayed for Joan, I knew from your post, things sounded grim... I prayed just this..

    "God, please, be with granni's friend Joan, and, if it be your will, heal her weakened body, "

    That was similar to the prayer I said for hubby's grandpa, who passed away on our 2nd anniversary...

    He literally became sick, nearly overnight... working still, after retirement, in his fields, with 2 of his sons, basically from before the sun was up, until after 9pm sometimes.... right to no appetite..

    He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it had spread to his liver, etc... he was given about 10 weeks to live, and 10 weeks was what he got, about.

    He stayed at home, with grandma, they too, 'made him comfortable'... at least he passed, hopefully peacefully, in the home he & his wife shared for 50+ years..

    Unfortunately, I had experienced many, many deaths, by the age of 21, (and many more since,), but, for my dear hubby, his grandpa was the hardest, due to how healthy he had been, a large, robust man, (well over 6' 4"), and how sudden it all happened.... and he was/is closest with everyone on the paternal side of his family...

    He'd lost his mother's parents, but, even though his grandmother on that side passed Dec 2000, he hadn't 'known' her, for many many years, as she'd been in a nursing home, with severe alzheimer's...

    I was able to tell him, though, through my experience, that, all though it is tremendously painful, and heartwrenching for the LIVING, for his *grandfather*.... other than just passing away in your sleep, passing quickly, was best... it's harder on the living, as you're left feeling that you just didn't get enough time...

    But, I watched my father's father, suffer TERRIBLY, from the time I was able to remember, until he passed, just after my 10th birthday... he had been suffering, though, for years *before* I was born.. it started as prostate cancer, but, literally spread to his entire body, he'd been told so so so many times, that 'this was it', and he had ' ___ months to live'.... only to keep surviving, and suffering horrendously..

    I pray for Joan's peaceful passing, and that the pastor can heal.

    It's odd, you know, how many people get cancer, (Christopher Reeve's wife, never smoked a day in her life!) and got lung cancer... and I know others...

    I also had a grandmother, who smoked 50 years or more, and passed away from many things, but cancer was not one of them (she was my dearest, dearest angel on earth, my inspiration, and, just a true, true, dedicated believer in God.) She passed in her sleep.. after the life she had led, living through tremendous abuse, raising five kids, losing my grandfather, etc... she deserved to go in peace, just in her sleep...

    Anyways, I apologize for rambling, it was an absolutely beautiful- perfect, really, day here in southern Indiana, and my sister & I, made the best of it, as did hubby & I, with our dogs, before he went to work- so I am very much 'fried'.

    Just know I'm sending love, hugs, and prayer.

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    for the lovely thoughts and prayers for my friend Joan as well as my Pastor. You are all so sweet.

    I just got back today and was gone for a day or so so sorry if this thanks is a bit late.

    Laura - you prayers were lovely. I am sure God did here you as well as those made by everyone else here - Springwater, Cynthia, and Julie.

    God bless you all too.


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    God bless you too sweetie. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. Also, blessing to your dear Noni tomorrow at her funeral. Will be thinking of you.

    Hugs and blessings,