Update on Abdominal & Vaginal Pain Cannot believe

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovstoshine, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. lovstoshine

    lovstoshine New Member

    Well I went to the surgeon and he basically tells me nothing he can do wants to order another CT Scan to see if it shows anything now??? The other one was not even 2 weeks ago

    Needless to say he says I believe you need to see Gyno which I agree as the pain is mainly there now and the hard lump had formed in vagina

    So go directly to Gyno Dr. Office well my Dr. is not in but they can get me in with another Dr. Well since I have been in pain for 3 weeks and last night was a killer I am like fine I just need to get help for this

    Well he says that one of my sutures on the vaginal cuff has turned itself the wrong way and the knot has gotten stuck in the side of the vaginal wall and has caused inflamation and infection, He says it is almost like a splinter that is deep and just left there but movement etc... keep making it worse.

    He says I have no option but to have that suture taken out which concerns me as I was told they were permanent but he says the healing has already happened and the scar tissue will keep everything in place. He said he didn't see any place that had actually opened up so I hope he is right

    Well I hope he is right that this is what is causing this pain and when that is removed I will feel much better

    It's just so weird how it started out as abdominal pain just like it was my appendix going bad but then I was having those weird spasms and pain in my vagina but then it just kept going more and more to that area for the pain

    After he examined me I could hardly walk and of course had to take paperwork over to get surgery set up etc...

    I am on the duragesic patch 25 and percocet's and they don't touch this pain so I am trying to see if the pain clinic will let me return the rest of my patches and put me on something that will give me some relief until Friday!!! The still haven't called back of course!!

    Oh and the Dr. says he has only seen this twice in the 29 years he has been practicing --- just so typical of me I can't just have something normal

    Thanks to everyone for the prayers and advice as well as the kind words

    Tandy -- Hope you are having some luck in finding out what is going on with you

  2. oooh that sounds so painful. I wish you luck and hope it all clears up real fast.
  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    so glad your on your way to feeling better!!!
    I could'nt figure out for the life of me what the hard thing was that were saying appeared on your private parts.?? That had me concerned as I had never heard of a hardening 'there'.??
    Wow! thats 1 in a million chance huh?
    good that your getting things figured out once and for all~
    Once those antibiotics kick in,you should be feeling way better~ give it 2-3 days and you'll be getting around.

    My problem ,I think ,...is both a colon problem and my Endometriosis. a double whammy!!
    Maybe its the endo on my colon.?
    I've heard that endo can eat right thru the colon and ulcerate or abcess.
    Not sure,..but the ultrasound showed a cyst half the size of my ovary too. ?? my doc. said I'm most likely looking at another surgery.
    I've had a few for endo.(over the yrs)it keeps coming back.
    Feel better,rest and take care or yourself~
    Whenever I find out anything, I'll post here with your name in the topic. (my appointm. is the 19th)
    Yea,.. Like can they make me wait long enough!!??
    Hugs :)
  4. lovstoshine

    lovstoshine New Member

    So sorry you are having to wait so long -- OUCH

    Why do they do that to us??

    I can't believe how long they will let us stay in severe pain!!

    The pain clinic finally called me back and I have an appt. tomorrow so hopefully we can change to another med that will help more with this

    I will be watching for any updates on you and after I have the surgery I will let you know how it goes

    Well back to resting
    Thank you for your support it really helps.


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