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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Okay i'm going to get personally here, but thought some might like to know.

    There was a post on here along time ago about the product Always sanitary napkins. I think by Mollystwin, this is a small quote;

    "Molly was told by a nationally recognised gyno at Univ of Mich about the Always brand causing problems for women. Her specialty is vulvar problems and she told both of us (I was with Molly at her appt) NEVER to use Always products. That sounds funny, never use always. LOL.


    Anyways i have always (lol) used Always, it's great at it's job, With the great aborbancy i could get away with using the petite size, very thin.

    But i would become sore and uncomfortable by the end of my period, with painful irritation. Just thought it was the pad chaffing.

    After reading Dar's post i switched to Kotex, and i'm not looking back!!!! This is about my fourth period now, and i'm MUCH more comfortable using the kotex even with the little extra bulk. I feel much better, didn't think it would be that much noticeable.

    Man they must pack some nasty stuff into those Always pads!!!

    Oh- i tried the whole organic cloth pads thing loooong time ago, and gave it up along with the cloth diapers!! Maybe better for us, but so much more messy and alot more work, and way to much bulk with not enough absorbency for those instant rushes when standing up. Not recommended for public, or church situation. Yes, been there done that!!

    "Honey can i have your jacket before we walk out the door to leave?"
    Very embarrassing! LOL

    I just keep my cloth ones for home now, in case i run out of the kotex.

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    I'm sure there are alot of gals out there who will appreciate this post! although i don't use these produts anymore,,,,i will pass this along to other gals!,,,,,But i Know What your talking about with the Coat in Church thing ,,,,,,That always used to happen to me especialy at work where all we could wear were White pants,,Yep! you know!,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis
  3. momof471

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    Kotex of Stayfree are my brands of choice. The Always, caused me much of those same problems.

    I know what you mean about those gushes, that is one of the strangest and ickiest feelings. Not to mention the mess!

    Your postwas helpful to let me know I'm not alone and completely normal in this delicate topic!

    God Bless

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