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  1. herbqueen

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    I wanted to give everyone an update and no I am not a "fake" post. Look at my history/posts. I fall into the FMS/Lyme disease category. FMS diagnosis 10 years ago and 2 1/2 years ago optic neuritis with neurological/new symptoms/very sick. Positive IGENEX. All kinds of herbal programs for lyme with no improvement. I've been doing the amygdala re-training since about April 08. I saw good improvement within a month-brain fog improved and entire nervous system calmed down.. eye pain went away. Now 8-9 mos into it.. i have hit a plateau but still doing MUCH better than where I was a year ago before starting the techniques. I'm able to function well, travel for work, have the joy and excitment back in my ife. Am i cured? Not yet. I still suffer from the neuro symptoms, but much much less and my tolerance to stress is much higher with no increase in symptoms. When I have a setback i recover much faster. I am not following the program as dedicated as I should, because I'm so busy since I feel better. I know I need to be careful since lately I've had a rash of symptoms I've not had for awhile. (but also LOTS of work stress with job layoffs all around me etc.) All in all I'd say it is definitely doing something. I'm constantly amazed to the negativity on this board regarding this program. People are willing to take all kinds of experimental drugs but not experiment using the healing power of the mind/brain/body. I continue to do other therapies as well-but the major difference in my habits has been this program. I will continue the lyme herbs, metal detox, and fungal/candia treatment. But, I also plan to continue this program since I know it's the one change I made where I got major benefit. I'll check back in a few months and let everyone know if my optimism still holds. This program has given me back hope and a feeling that I am in control again.
  2. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Herbqueen,

    Thanks much for coming back and giving us an update. It sounds pretty miraculous that you are able to do so much -- many congratulations on your improvements.

    BTW, did you ever get around to doing the Atlas Profilax treatment?

    Regards, Wayne
  3. tennisnut

    tennisnut New Member

    herbqueen, it should not surprise you that people find in easier to "pop pills" than do something more challenging such as meditation or massage. Unfortunately all pills have side effects, which I have found to my detriment when I have come off them. I hope to be able to manage my illness without them in the future unless I hear of the genuine miracle cure.Cheers TN
  4. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I wasn't able to find an Atlas Profilax doctor in the North East where I live--- pacific NW and CAlifonria is too far to travel. If you know of a good one in Boston/NE please post.
  5. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Herbqueen,

    Here's some info. for an AP practitioner in VT:

    Christine Bemish
    156 Elm Street, #3
    Montpelier, VT 05602


    Good luck if you decide to give this a try.

    Best, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 01/28/2009]
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    I am so excited for you and happy to hear that you are doing so well. I think that with this dd that is so unbelievably frustrating, that to some people something like the Gupta program just almost sounds too good to be true. I've actually been really considering trying the Gupta program, the only thing that has been stopping me is the cost. Besides "feeling in control" can you tell me what has this specifically helped you with? Any symptoms, or fatigue mainly? There is actually another message board where you can interact with Ashok Gupta and I've read so many of peoples posts and they are so intrigued by the program because of how much it has been helping, so I'm glad to hear its doing the same for you!

    LISALOO New Member

    Glad it worked for you, how long did it take to start getting better and how much? I feel no different after months and working hard on it.
  8. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Just to be clear--- my symptoms are not CFS. Fatigue is usually an issue for me. My systems are FMS for 8 years(where I improved through supplements, low carb diet, exercise etc.) and then 2 years ago huge neuro symptoms began ( intense brain fogs, muscle jerks/twitches (always had that but never to this degrees) ,coordination issues, sense of not no where i was steeping or reaching, tremors, optic neuritis with optic nerve damage/vsion loss , eye pain, coordination of voice and verbal issues etc etc etc. I know these are not new symptoms/diferent illness since i had the muscle jerking twitching 10 yrs ago just not to this degree. It's all related to what's been going on for 10 yrs. I'm not convinced of Lyme... and still in the is it lyme/autoimmune/candida/heavy metals etc etc etc. I had the biggest improvement in symptoms within a month of starting ashok's therapy. I gradually immproved and felt stronger over the first 4 months. I had a dip/regression a month ago /about 9 months into the program. In general , when I feel really bad.. I meditate /focus on thearpy more and I seem to get better. I'm greatly improved... but not cured. I still have all the symptoms but ot much lesser degree. I found the cognitive/brain fog/languae the most challenging for me since my job is mostly work from home but technical sales and i have to be able to talk and think. That has improved alot. Even my close colleague for the past 2 1/2 years who I have confided in and supported me.. has noticed the big improvement in those areas. I feel strong enough to travel/fly for client meetings which was really challenging before (imagine flying, driving to new addresses and doing sales presentations/running meetins, all while shaky in a fog and vision not good). Anyway- I will continue this an dhope that this lasts-- and I grow stronger. I also plan with my MD to continue the path of tsting for heavy metals (now that all my filling sare out), treating with heavy duty antifungals (diflucan), and THEN abx as the last resort. I continue supplements and herbs for lyme (which ewre not making any difference before the ashok treatment). I try and maintain a candida diet/no sugar /low carb diet and exercise most days.
  9. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Note first statement should bes " Fatigue is usually NOT an issue for me..........
  10. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    im really happy to hear that this has been helping you so much that you've been able to live a some-what functional and normal life again, that's amazing :) i think im going to give the gupta program a shot, if i can spend $200+ on crazy herb and medicine and all other sorts of treatment protocol, then i don't know why i shouldn't spend on something that is clearly helping a number of people on this board. like you, i am AMAZED by the number of people who are so quick to jump on people who say that they feel better or are "cured", when it comes to the gupta program. it's like people automatically think that they're lying, and can't accept that there certainly ARE some treatment programs that do work, which is crazy.

    hope that you continue to feel better and glad to hear that ur on ur road to recovering. best wishes
  11. LindaJones

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    According to Ashok Gupta the nervous system of people with cfs is overstimulated.
    It is in a constant state of "fight or flight".
    This affects the immune system and stops people with cfs from getting better.
    I think it makes sense.
    I read another article about cfs that was talking about an imbalance of the adrenal/pituitary/hypothalamus.
  12. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

  13. Holly-Admin

    Holly-Admin Administrator

    For anyone interested in learning more, please join us for a live chat with Ashok Gupta this Friday. He will be answering questions about the program.

    THIS FRIDAY, JULY 10 at 12 Noon California Time - Live Chat with Ashok Gupta, Developer of the Amygdala Retraining Program for Symptoms of ME/CFS and Related Illnesses

    Join the Q&A at 12 noon PST (3 pm EST, 8 pm London time) in ProHealth’s Community Chat Room. Ask Ashok about the techniques he teaches to improve symptoms by “retraining” a hyper-reactive autonomic nervous system, results so far, and research plans.

    More Information: www.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=14508
  14. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Ok- here is an update/not great news........but I really got busy and stopped amygdala retraining probably around this time last year.. so occassional meditation but no amygdala retraining over course of 2009. I was also on some of the buhner herbs when i started amygdala retraining (March 2008) and was also on LDN. Altough on candida diet, LDN, and herbs I didn't notice a signficant improvement in symptoms until starting amygdala retraining. Improved but still suffered from brain fog and neuro symptoms but much improved. I went off of LDN in Nov 2008 deciding it wasn't really doing thing after 1 year on it. I remained stable with a few occasional flares of brain fog and neuro symptoms in 2009. I continued on Buhner herbs (cat's claw , devils claw, sarsparilla) and other vitamin supplements. In summer I actually felt really clear a few times and thought I was knocking this. Then in Fall- flare up with increased neuro, brain fog/worsening of cognitive issues , lower back pain and sleep issues. Decided to do a fungal treatment (Dr. McCandless autism doc) of flagyl/diflucan for 3 weeks. Got totally non functional cognitively/totally stopped sleeping on flagyl (first abx I've taken in probably 12 years- was it a herx?). Stopped flagyl on day 9. Decided to try colloidal silver- one tsp- same thing major herx /couldn't sleep body jerking etc etc.

    Now at cross roads- going to try to go back on amygdala retraining .... and deciding whether to do abx (which my PCP wants to try). Given I have optic neuritis with vision loss/eye issues considering seriously the abx, but terrified of it and long term effects on immune system (and given the horrific experience I had with the flagyl).. So back on amygdala retraining back wagon, maybe will add LDN back, and deciding whether to continue herbs or give abx a try.

    Sorry for the less than stellar report! Would love to hear from others doing the amygdala retraining (really doing it). I hope this is understandable given the cognitive issues!
  15. laram

    laram New Member

    Thanks for the update Herbqueen - I just ordered the gupta program and am waiting for it now (primarily for unrestful sleep from chronic Lyme). I'm also doing herbs, salt/c, and possibly IRT(now called ACT) - which is immune response training. It sounds out there but I've spoken to a couple of people who have had vast improvements in symptoms - and also some who haven't (typical lyme) - but I will update on how the gupta program goes for me. I also wanted to mention detoxing to you - it's really helping my symptoms. I seemed to really benefit from the methylation cycle block protocol - the simplified approach not the longer approach. Best of all it's inexpensive and easy. I'm also doing glutathione injections every other day and that seems to really help. I'll post as soon as I've worked the gupta program to let you know how it's going. I hope you're feeling better.
  16. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I"m in a really bad spot now... downward spiral /crash since the drugs flagyl late november/ early december. Neuro explosion with many new MS type symptoms I didn't have before- so VERY scary and terrified this is MS (tested negative 2 years ago, but not recently tested). And of course totally stopped sleeping. Totally non functional for the first time ever! Can't drive, can't do much of anything which is very difficult for a type A person that I am. I'm overly sensitive and I do think my body just went into a toxic state from the drugs ( and then the herbs I also threw in December). I don't consider this a herx since I feel this is causing damage to my CNS. And my chemical sensitivites are off the chart now that I'm so ill. Told my kids they had to stop wearing their deodorant !

    I saw a naturopath and she is trying to get me sleeping (with drugs which I'm sure are making me more toxic. but in a bad spot now), but she also is guessing I have methylation /detox issues. She wasnts to work on that once she gets me recovered/sleeping again. So its good to hear that you have benefited from the methylation protocol. What version are you using? What are your symptoms? Were you tested for methylation issues? I do wonder if my main issue is detoxification and not lyme? I certainly have big problems with the drug and even some of the herbal protocols. Friends are telling me I have to go on aggressive long term abx treatment IV etc etc. (they are not well yet with this approach either, but say they are better). I just can't see how my body can tolerate given 1 week of flagyl and 3 weeks diflucan followed by herbs put me in really bad and terrifying place I've never been before and having problems climbing out. I can take feeling bad but not NEW and major neuro symptoms like numbness ,balancem muscle weakness head jerking, dizzy etc. etc.

    Keep us posted on your progress with amygdala retraining and the ACT. I was just reading about that yesterday. It seems similar to amygdala retraining so let me know how that goes. I worry about the money pit given how much I've thrown out my health!!!!

    Also wonder if this neural therapy everyone is talking about could help Lyme/ AI type issues? This all began with "fibro" 12 years ago. What I would give just to have those symptoms again! Frustrating after all the years of organic /no wheat diet no, exercise every day, massage therapy almost weekly, acupuncture , herbal teas, tinctures, rolfing etc. etc. etc .I did get better and then boom 8years later optic neurtis and neuro degen. symptoms.............

    Sorry for unloading. This is psycho therapy for me.
  17. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Also-wanted to add-my good period was on LDN over past 3 years.. didn't think it was doing anything and it was all the amygdala retraining/candida diet. BUT maybe it was.............considering if I should go back on it. No way I can do it now since I"m not sleeping and it disrupts sleep......but maybe when sleeping again. Just wanted to throw that in there.
  18. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Also Glen- not sure what you were referring to in terms of the diet/program?
  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    did you pulse the flagyl etc? That can make a difference... more and more LLMDs are doing that, it gives your immune system time to recover...

    Also re the neurofeedback... I've read about different people trying it - it does help many (not all), but when it does help, it seems like you have to keep doing it with lyme etc at least. I would assume that'd be because, if the bugs are still on the prowl, one's brain can't maintain the learning....

    all the best,

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