Update on "Bobo" (Neighbor's dog)

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  1. Well, it appeared at first, that Bobo, about a week & a half ago, had just 'disappeared into thin air'...

    That is, until Sunday night, when about 3 vehicles pulled up at the neighbor's house (our windows were all open... so, obviously, with the houses *extremely* close together, we hear everything, whether we want to, or not...)

    The *second* they all pulled up.. I hear that miserable, oh-so-familiar shriek of my neighbor... yelling & cursing up a storm at somebody...

    First thing out of her mouth- before she'd even shut her vehicle door, is (censored, of course!)

    "You got me so (f- word) P***ed off at you, I called the COPS on your A**! " "Where the (f word) is MY DOG!!"

    Someone much quieter *began* to explain, saying "____ (her name) "we only did that becau--" (and that was as far as they got without her screaming & cussing again...)

    From there, she yelled accrossed the street, twice, my neighbor there's name.... no reply (the neighbor was probably ignoring her by choice- even though they are either related, or very close friends)....

    Once MY neighbor 'calmed down' some... there was vague fingerpointing, etc... and she lastly said "you better never come up to MY HOUSE yelling at me" (which my husband and I HAD to find comical... she was the first, and last person screaming & cussing!)

    So... that is all we know.. is that someone else, obviously knowing this woman well, took it upon themselves to 'steal' her dog, in her & her boyfriend (or husband, WHO KNOWS!) absence, which would not be hard to do, giving that they again, are NEVER home... the guy stops in randomly, once or twice a day, for MAYBE 5 minutes... it sounds as if someone has dropped her off, right as of now, though my dogs arent barking... (I plan to get them, the second this post is done, I don't trust that woman at allll!)

    Anyhow, whatever they were fighting about (something thrown in, about somebody not even picking up their own kid, etc) the person on the other end (or people.. it sounded like 2 women).. know enough to know she does not even care for a DOG properly... what concerns me, is that the GUY, on his first trip home today, unloaded a folded up baby stroller into their garage. YIKES.
    How unfortunate if he or she, or they have a child together!

    Anyhow, that was Sunday, and the woman obviously did not take that 'threat' of my neighbor having called the police on her, for stealing her dog, seriously... because he is still gone.

    I just hope he was taken, so that he has a better life.. not to harm him, or prove some point that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

    My sister and I did see a blond haired woman out back feeding him french fries from McDonalds, either the day he went missing, or day before.... so... ???

    So that's that, for now.

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    I believe that someone much more powerful and strong who knew the conditions Bobo lived in, took him, took him not to abuse him but to rescue him--the rescue was well planned out. He is a nice dog and is undoubtedly being loved and taken care of by someone now. Let's hope this animal abuser doesn't get yet another dog.
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    To both people and animals who are in need. And I thank God that Bobo has finally found some peace, and a chance at happiness. He certainly deserves that especially after the life he's had. Bless the people, whomever they are, that got him out of that situation.

    Wow, that's scary to see a baby stroller now........I hope that means absolutely nothing! That woman has got to either be on drugs or have one heck of a problem mentally, and a child really doesn't need in that equation for sure. Please be on guard.

    Good luck to you...I wish you well, and know it's hard to deal with people like this, especially when you wonder about your own safety. Just remember God is there to help in these situations, but He sometimes needs someone here to help Him with His work. Love....Jole
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    Seems like prayer was answered for Bobo! I am so happy to hear he is gone, and I know the Lord loves His creatures, and holds us accountable for their welfare.

    I pray for that nice pup, and pray he does have a good home now. He deserves it.

    I hope the baby stroller is for a 'gift', not for a baby of theirs!

    Shalom, Shirl