Update on chicken coop,

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    I know that's what everyone here is waiting for! lol So, here goes. The fence part is done. My husband has now got the bottom part of the coop almost finished, and has a post up on one side...which shows how tall it will be. I will be able to walk in to clean. That will make things a lot easier. These chicks, are turning into chickens fast! But, still can't go out for a few more weeks, so my husband has time. Tomorrow is Sat. and he will have plenty of time.
    It may seem like a silly request, but pray for him as he does this. He has been at it for a while now, and I worry about him. We aren't getting any younger! He is so sweet to want to make this a real nice coop. I really think he is having fun working with the tools that he hasn't used in a while..the nice saw, nice drill.. :) He loves tools, and to work with wood..so, this is the fun part, but I worry about him out there so long. He's getting a farmer's tan. :)

    A scripture for today as I think of my husband doing this for us.

    1 Corinthians 13: 13

    And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.

    I think my husband is wonderful at showing his love/charity, for us in all that he does for us.
    What a wonderful thing to have in a family. What a wonderful thing to have in friendship. I believe tha service is one of the best ways to show charity.
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    Hi Cynthia,

    How nice that your hubby is working so hard on the chicken coop. Hope it gets done before they turn into hens and roosters (-: !! Oh, I am sure he will. How many did you say you have? I forget where you are keeping them now, until DH finish's the coup. I ams sure that you all will be thrilled when it is all done and the chicks are running around in it. YAY !!

    What a nice prayer also for your hubby. Hope he doesn;t get heat stroke. Here in TX it has been i the 80's and 90's already !

    Good luck and let us know when it is finished. We are waiting for some eggs when they get a bit bigger :) !!!

    Hugs and blessings,

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    Keeping the baby's in an extra room, actually, it's a pretty nice little guest room..not sure anyone would want to stay in there right now. I keep them pretty clean, but they still smell. I keep that door shut, with a window open in the day. I have another extra guest room downstairs..:)
    My hubby has the side frame up now, tomorrow will go and get the siding. It should reach 90 by Wed. He will be working mostly mornings, since he works at night. On Sat...he works quite a bit on it. His back is really bothering him. I feel bad now. I hope the rest of it is easier than it has been. It won't be as much bending over work.
    Yep, lots of eggs coming your way this fall. I have 8 chicks right now, but have decided that two will go. With the coop going up, we can see that there will be less running room. Nice big coop though! :)
    You'll have to let me know how you like your eggs.
    Love, Cynthia
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    How wonderful that you have a mate that is so willing to please you even at his own health expense..that must be a wonderful thing to know that you're loved like that! I have experienced it only with family and friends, but it must be a treasured thing for you to love each other so much! I thank you so much for sharing all of this!

    I look forward to seeing a photo posted eventually! Can you put a bowl of vinegar in the room the chicks are in? It's great at absorbing odors and not toxic for them! You must love that bunch a lot! I hope you didn't get rid of SJ, lol!!!!

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    of that...vinegar?? Will give that a try!
    SJ is staying. :)) I am giving a red star out, and an Austrolorp. I have three of the reds, two of the other..so, will still have one or two of each.
    I am trying to figure out how to get pictures on here. I still want to send that picture of my son at the aquarium with his reflection in the glass with the jellyfish. So neat.
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    that I am very blessed to have a husband like mine. How could I not respond to that?? I've been through a couple of bad marriages, but I like to say that I finally found my eternal companion. He is such a good man. I really don't ever want to take him for granted. Thank you for making a point, that had me make a nice comment about my hubby. :)
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    SJ - I had to laugh at a scene in the movie 'Nanny Macphee', where the children put their clothes on the chickens. They were wearing frilly, lacy things, and it reminded me of when you were little, and your mother said you dressed up the chickens!

    Cynthia, your husband is such a sweetie! I'm glad he's doing this work mostly in the mornings, and hope he has some good remedies for his back.

    I'm going to try putting vinegar in my car - the previous owner wore strong perfume, and I have MCS - have a hard time breathing when the windows are shut, and the AC recycles the perfume.

    Hoping it works - have a longish drive to my therapist tomorrow.

    Love to you both,
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    I'm always in awe of those who found/find their soulmates after a bumpy start...wonder if I'll ever get to that point but either way, I'm always happy to see a happy couple! Or a "real" couple who have a bond and trust and love...it's gives me hope!

    I hope the vinegar helps. I put it in the rooms when we painted and it took out much of the odor!

    That's Cute, Windblade..I haven't seen that movie. I'll have to check it out for my girls!

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    yes, he needs all the prayers he can get..those chicks, are getting big. They are almost ready to go out. I can tell that they are going to be good looking chickens. Rainbow was right, they are characters, fun to watch.
    Hugs and love, Cynthia