update on colonoscopy-not good

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    Just wanted to feel you in on one of the worse days in my life. They had to stop the colonoscopy after 5 mins due to obstruction so they took me back to the room and had me drink some more stuff to try and clean me out more. I became very nauseated and my FMS is the worst it has been in years. Due to the extrem pain from FMS they stopped the proceedure today and gave us the option of going home and continueing the prep and coming in tomorrow and try again. My husband put a stop to it because he felt that the doctor was not taking my FMS pain seriously and just wanted to proceed with more stuff and he feels we need to get my flare-up under control first.

    I think the straw that broke the camels back was when the doctor came into the room where they were to do the colonoscopy, (the first time she had even seen me today because she had all her little posse doing all the prep work), and looked at me and said, "Have I seen you before", when I said yes you had me come in for a consult before you would do this". (Remember my personal doctor is the one that wanted me to get this and was just sending me to this doctor to do it but she insisted on me first coming to her office to see her for a consult). After I told her this she said to the anesthises to go ahead and put me under because she GUESSED that she must have seen me since I told her she had; Well, when I told my hubby this after I was back in the room he felt that she was not the doctor for us and we left with me in tears and in some of the worse pain I have ever been in before. The doctors "flunkies" said they would call me next week and we would set up another time and try and find a better kind of prep med to use that would not make me so sick.

    My hubby says we are going back to my personal doctor next week and have him set me up with a different doctor but he does not want them to even start any kind of colonoscopy until we get my FMS better under control. There is a specialist that my hubby and I know personally that was raised out here and I even use to babysit him when I was a teen and he is a highly thought of doctor that we want to go to. My husband was really mad that the group that we were dealing with today did not seem to have any compasion for FMS patiences and so he says we will not deal with them again.

    He brought me home and gave me some of my pain pills and put me to bed. He said he had already called our personal doctor and told him we would be in to see him the first of next week unless the pain pills I have here do not work then he would be bringing me over or coming over to get something stronger for me. My doctor agreed with him that they should have taken my FMS under consideration and he said he was glad that Jim let him know the way this doctor was and that he had never had any complaints from patients he has referred to her before but he would not use her again if this is her way of doing things. He apoligized and told hubby to call him day or night if my pain did not let up from the meds we have and he would get something stronger.

    My hubby is so protective of me and is a very calm man but when he gets angry about something, (especially if he thinks someone is not doing me right), he does not hold back setting things straight.

    My pain has let up some but I am still hurting both physcially and mentally and am staying down. Hubby has already called his work and is taking off tomorrow because he said he doesn't want me doing anything accept rest.

    Will keep ya'll posted.

    Thank You all for all your prayers and support,
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    I can't believe the people they let be doctors these days. No bedside manner whatsoever! I am so sorry this was such a bad experience. I don't reply to many posts on here, but I have seen your previous posts, so know how hard this was for you.

    You are blessed with a husband who cares & protects you. I too have a wonderful fiance, and feel so much for those who do not get the support they need at home.

    I do hope you start feeling better soon. Anything like what you have been through would put us in a flare. I am glad that your primary doctor seems to be compasionate.

    Take care & good luck,
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    i know some doctors just have no bedside manner and it is ashame because people hurt and do not need that/ this kind of aggrivation. Sometimes it makes you wonder why they became doctors to begin with!

    get to feeling better then give it another shot, i myself would have done the same thing your hubby did, some times it`s good to have people speak up.

    Get Well................ LARRY
  4. Pianowoman

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    I know you wanted to have it all over with and to get some answers. Like the others, I think you are lucky to have such a caring husband and one who will take charge and get you what you need.
    I had a consult with the Dr. before I had my procedure but he was much more pleasant and professional.
    You just rest and get the pain under control for now. You will find the right Doctor when the time is right.

    You will be in my prayers tonight.

  5. matthewson

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    I have to tell you there are good gastroenterologists out there though! I just had one done and I was quite concerned that they not move me around like a rag doll when I was out and they assured me that the position I was in when the put me out was the position that I would stay in.

    I had the opposite problem of you in that I actually had less pain when I didn't eat for a day and 1/2!. I am now looking into the why of it to see if maybe I have trouble with some foods (like bread, which is most of my diet!).

    Hope you can get your pain under control and find a good gastro-ent! Sounds like hubby is a keeper!

    Take care, Sally
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    I just scheduled a colonoscopy and they cannot get to me until Dec 8th. But my hiney hurts and has for more than 3 months now. I do not know why I have to have the procedure. I hurt near the end of my rectum like it feels like it is pushing into my vagina. Why couldn't she just get some kind of scope and see what it was. But no she has to shove something up my entire rear and make me go thur this. I am not happy at all. I also have to stop my anti inflammatory for 10 days before the procedure. Whats that for. So I can hurt like heck by the time of the procedure????
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    You do have a wonderful husband. Mine would not have been so compassionate.

    Your story is why I haven't had a colonoscopy. I have just heard too many horror stories from people who have FMS to go through with that, plus I have diabetes and am on insulin 3 x a day.

    I saw my endo today and told him my family doc doesn't take our insurance anymore. He said did they send you a letter about it? I said no they never said a word. There was a sign on the window in their office. He said a few words I can't repeat here and said that it was very unprofessional to treat a patient that has been going there for 25 years like that. I feel he is right.

    My point is about how doctor's are today. My endo feels there are many like that. He just doesn't understand it.

    Oh, Rily, I didn't know if we were on NSAIDS, that we had to stop them prior to a colonoscopy.

    I hope you will feel better, Grandma6! What an awful experience to go through and then to go through the prep and still not have it done. I'd be as mad as a hornet!

    Hope your flare will be better.

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    i have had these test since i was l5 and now iam 50..2 sumers ago i stop takin them..they had to rush me t the hospital after i drank the fleets..laxative..cause i couldnt drink the gallon jug..well, now i can't use the fleets and the silly doctors still wanted me to come in so they can do the test..i said..not if u want me to drink that stuff again..I almost died that day..the ambulance came and rolled me out in a white sheet..it was embassing my neighbors thought i had died..well,,i prayed in the bathroom laying n the floor saying my last rites i thought. I will never take a colon agian..drs have better to do this for patients..they just won't do it..and iam not doing it either..again.
  9. JLH

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    I am so sad that you had to go through such an ordeal about getting your colonoscopy. What an awful experience!

    Your hubby sounds like a darling, though, and definitely one of a kind! A real keeper!!

    I hope you are able to get some rest, and feel better.

  10. CanBrit

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    And I thought I had a bad time with my colonoscopy. In my case, they are going to do a barium enema at the end of November because they can't get past the adhesions.

    I spoke with my sister this morning (she has Crohn's disease) and she said that they also have a pediatric tool that is much smaller than the regular colonoscope which they use on her because she has a lot of scarring.

    I'm going to mention this to my family doctor next time and let him know that I'm not going back to that other butcher again. If I'm getting it done, it's going to be in a hospital.

    I hope your pain lessens soon. I know the failed attempt at my colonoscopy put me into a flare last week. Nasty one as well.

    Thinking of you. All the best.

  11. cbrogan6

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    I wanted to respond since I was one of the ones who told you beforehand not to worry. I am so sorry that happened to you, I've never experienced anything like that, but I didn't have any fibro symptoms at that time either. I am so glad to hear that your husband is with you. He sounds absolutely wonderful, I hope that I can find a man like that to marry some day! My prayers are still with you, I hope this rotten situation works out for you. Take care!!