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    Well, he plead guilty to the charge. Didnt want to fight it in a trial, didnt want to take that chance. He got 9 mos Suspended Execution and sentenced to 30 days shock detention with 2 years probation. He went to county jail on November 29, so he'll be there for christmas, which stinks. He will have to register as a sex offender when he gets out for the rest of his life.

    I did ok until it came time for me to leave the court room. I got dizzy and my knees buckled. I sat down on the steps twice coming down them. I thought I was gonna pass out and my dear husband was so worried about me. I ended up taking a Xanax and that helped.

    We went up to see him in jail last Saturday and he seemed ok. Doesnt know where he will live when he gets out. He's not allowed to live here anymore after the physical fight he started with my husband a few months ago. I told him I loved him but we couldnt have that with our health and my younger son seeing all that he does.

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    Teresa I know that was very hard to go through. Your son made his choices and hopefully this will have a postive effect on him.

    He has a month to work on whats next. Let him do it. you are right in letting him know the negative effects on his brother. Sometimes I think the parents take it harder then the kids.

    be well

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