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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by lagf, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. lagf

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    The cumanda protocol does not seem to work for Jenni...she has been on it for seven months and not doing well. She also failed antibiotics. I will update all of you in near future on how we proceed BUT

    have any of you used the following to help lessen your lyme using a combined treatment....

    infra red sauna

    rife machine

    we are looking at these areas in conjunction with cumanda....I also reccommend to you

    Jernigan, Beating lyme Disease, and a new one by Lipman, The Mangement of Lyme Disease: An integrative approach

    Hope all of you are having a good day.
  2. klutzo

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    I have never heard of anyone using Cumanda alone! It is normally a part of the Cowden Protocol.
    I have been gone from this Board for 3 years,and just came back after finding out that Lyme was now OK to talk about. We used to not be allowed to post URL's. Is that still true?
    In case it is, just Google "William Lee Cowden, M. D. " + Samento, and you should find his protocol, which uses Cumanda as part of a treatment program.
    Samento, Quina, Burbur, Magnesium and Chlorella are all part of it. I can't see how Cumanda alone would do much except get rid of yeast, which is normally done first before killing the Borrelia. Quina is then used to get rid of Babesia, then finally you start Samento to kill the Borrelia, and alternate with Cumanda to confuse the pathogen.

  3. pawprints

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    I am following that protocal. Banderol is now a part of it. I would say that people have posted positive responses to rife on other boards
  4. lagf

    lagf New Member

    she just started that med....and seems to be of help ....
    I think we use the same doctor in Ft. Worth along with Cowden.....
    just got the rife set up....will know shortly

    just installed infrared sauna....that works for detox. and her thyroid etc. is not functioning ...so she needs it.
  5. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Stick with the Banderol rotation.

    Tell me did you buy the rife?

    I would love to talk more...maybe after the holidays we can meet in a chat room.

    I am trying to do everything myself and keeping up with the program is intense...so my time is short for now. Hopefully, things will calm down soon. I also have to pace myself very carefully.

  6. lagf

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    Looks like bonderall is an effective med for us. We are now doing the rife...will take about three to five weeks to know more. I am not adverse to your calling me if you would like.
    Also....doing infrared sauna.....which I think will work. Only problem is detox is too fast and too much fatigue....