Update on DD's surgery !!!

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    Thanks Diane for moving the post for me and for the hints!

    Everyone please read other posts below.

    Love to all,
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    I have to learn how to do that. I wasn't even paying attention when I started posting I guess. My brain is out in La la land !! I know you understand about that one Diane.

    I'm impressed you have been through so much and you still moved it over for me. Lots of hugs to you ! Please post when you get the chance to.!!

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    Diane, thanks for getting this post to us. We've all been waiting so expectantly.

    Granni, thanks for the update. It really sounds as though DD is doing the right thing. It'll be safer to take more tissue and with the reconstruction, there will be no indication there was ever surgery once it heals. I also pray she does not have to go through chemo. My prayers continue to be with you.

    Love, Mikie
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    It makes me feel good to hear about all your good thoughts, good wishes and prayers for Karen and us all. She is happy when she hears about them all from everyone.

    Yes, I agree with you on the removal of more than less tissue but the original Lumpectomy would have been great if they hadn't found the second tumor. Sure am glad they found it before the surgery though.

    Karen will be thrilled to hear about that it will not show up, scarring once it heals.


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    I had a dear friend years ago who had to have a double mastectomy and she had reconstructive surgery. The only thing that happened was that one of her nipples was a lighter color. They tattooed it to make it match the other. You could never tell. Today, they are even better at reconstruction. Prayers still going up.

    Love, Mikie
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    It sounds like your daughter has carefully thought things through and come up with a reasonable plan. I'm hoping and praying for her and it's scarey, but dealing with cancer head on is a good idea.

    Breast cancer runs strongly in the women of my mom's family and when she was told she had it and decided to go with the mastectomy, she wanted to have both breasts removed due to the strong family history. Some insurance companies will allow it, but Mom's did not.

    She decided not to have the reconstruction (Mom was divorced and not dating so I understand her decision) and I realized her decision was okay not to have reconstruction and it worked out alright. It made her one side larger than the other and I got her blouses that had pockets and patterns on the mastectomy side so that it was like the magician's bluff and you couldn't tell the difference.

    After I returned to work from helping Mom in 2 weeks (Mom lived with me then), the doctor that did the surgery automatically contacted reps in the local cancer society and sent volunteers to our home. For free, volunteers (cancer mastectomy survivors) came and spoke with Mom at length and gave her a wonderful pillow for that arm and it was made by their volunteers who were mastectomy survivors so they knew what the patients needed and wanted. They also made sure she was doing the exercises and doing them correctly and talked to her about her feelings and her health. The volunteers were wonderful and kept in touch with Mom for a long time.

    What seemed to help so much with Mom was my keeping a positive attitude, and that I bought her all new beautiful blouses that were vibrant, feminine and so attractive to go out in the world to help her feel incredible and feminine (I also made sure her hair was done when she went out) and I got her new earrings to match the blouses. We didn't tell people she was having the surgery, so when they would finally see her they would say she looked beautiful and that blouse is so fantastic--they were never told she had the surgery and that was Mom's decision.
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    She is busy making appointments and checkout things. I gave her some websites to help her out in case she needed any more information especially on the reconstruction procedures. Also sent info to my dear cousin who is /was a renowned Dr. and pathology professor at one time. They are also exchanging information at this time. That should also be very helpful.

    Freida - Hope you are feeling a little better. I'm sure it helps to at least try and make others feel better !! Thank you again !

    2 Cats - thanks for the information and story on your mom. That was so sweet and nice that you were so closeby or help her during the time of her surgery. Little things like cute blouse and earrings can go a long way. They would for me. How old was she that she didn't have to worry about reconstruction. I'm not sure I would either. I'm sure if the insurance didn't pay for it or most of it , it would be very expensive.

    Julie - So glad all are home for you now. At least less running aroung for you. She won't be having surgery for at least 3-4 weeks so at least she has time to get things organize and try to get things done before hand and she exactly which procedure she wants done for the reconstruction.

    Just got back from the gym and doing the treadmill. Not my idea but DH wanted to go and I know I need to go even if I hate it :)!!!! The only good thing is you can hook up to the TV and sometimes I get a good decorating show on.

    Talk to you all again soon.

    Love and lots of hugs to you all,

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