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    Hi everyone. I haven't been on the Boards since I last reported on the physical and mental exams Social Security had me go through to determine my eligibility for SS Disability. Well I've now received the offical claim denial. They sent me a letter that said that I might not be able to do my old job as a Supervisor, but they thought I could do "something". It's what I expected so I'm moving on to the next stage, which is filing the appeal. Does anyone have any advice for winning the appeal? Is it true that most cases are lost or won at the hearing with the judge? Thanks for any advice you can give. Take care, folks, and thanks for the support.
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    I am so sorry to hear that... I am afraid all I can offer to you at this time is all my support and understanding..
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    Providing support and understanding is a big help! Thank you!
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    which is not a good State to be from, if you are trying to get SSD approval. MemoryLane, myself, and several others here have had the same results from these idiots. In my opinion, the doctors they use in this State to make such a determination must be the ones who barely made it through med school. They said basically the same nonsense to me also.

    I highly recommend you run, not walk, to the best social security lawyer you can find to handle your reconsideration appeal. You will need all the help s/he can give you. Do not listen to the ones who want you to wait to call them until your reconsideration is denied, too. You need one who will come into the picture sooner, because you need the additional evidence and even the current evidence properly presented, which you might not be able to handle if your fibrofog is really bad.

    I also recommend that you do some research on the types of jobs that they thought you might be able to handle. For example, I was told by their "expert" that I should be able to handle a security job that entails sitting the whole work shift, using computer monitors and pushing the panel buttons as needed -- which, of course, requires the use of my upper extremities and back and neck and hands, which the doctors' reports all showed severe problems with, as well as the requirement of sitting for hours at a time at one station, which my FMS and CMP makes impossible for me to do.

    Needless to say, I retained a lawyer who is building a real full packett of info such as this to fight them with on my reconsideration. There are also several significant and pertinent points noted in my records that they chose to simply ignore and that he is going to "shove down their throats" so that they cannot overlook them. The last piece we are waiting on is the FMS Medical Evaluation Form from my doctor, who has been most helpful in supplying whatever additional info I have needed from him for my case.

    Get a lawyer who is very experienced with SSDI and, preferably also with your DDs -- it will really be a great help for you and reduce some of the stress, too. I wish you the best in your efforts.

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    I don't think I've posted in this section before I have had such severe depression because of my FMS and CFS, Plus migraines that I have been on the depression BB. I filed for SSD disability in January, I have 2 doctors behind me 100%, SS even sent me to one of their doctors and I found out he also agreed I should be on SSD. I received my denial letter June 10th. When I told my doctors that I received my denial they both told me to get good lawyer ASAP. I called serveral SS attorneys and they all said call me after you get the denial from the reconsideration appeal. I also was told to stay away from these attorneys. I finally found a lawyer that would take my case at the reconsideration level. I was so happy when I found one that has a lot of experience with FMS and was willing to take my case right away. He said the faster you get an attorney involved the better. He's also one that you don't have to pay unless you win and then he gets 25% of back payments. I'm just glad that he is handling everything for me because I just can't function anymore.
    Good luck with your claim and Don't give up !

    Take care,
    Nancy (hopeless3)
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    This is absolute BULLCRAP, you pay into this your whole working life and then when you need to collect for it, you are a liar, fake, malingerer etc etc.
    I don't know about the rest of you, but I gave up a job I really liked and was good at. I also gave up 28,000 a year for WHAT?? It doesn't sound like much, but I never went to college and in South Dakota I am making damned good money, more than alot of college graduates around here.
    Anyhow, I retained an attorney from the get go. I didn't even fill out my own paperwork, they did. They had one of their gals go with me to the initial appointment as well.
    I would call around until I find someone who is willing to work hard for you.
    I am working on a letter to send to my congress people as well, although I just heard on is in the Mayo Clinic for a double heart bypass, so will wait to mail him for awhile.
    I wish you all the best of luck and will be praying that we get some help here.
    I have just started this process and I am NOT looking forward to all the setbacks and frustration that are forthcoming. Hang in there everyone, hopefully we will prevail in the end.