Update on DLA

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    Hi all,
    Went to see Citizens Advice today,they really helped me.
    Now ive to fill my appeal form in & get it sent back so they can decide my fate.
    I have to be confident ill win or ill be a weeping wreck.
    Ive got a lot of stuff to list about my various illnesses & my recently diagnosed Repetitive Strain Injury(now in both arms).
    Ill show them in black & white that im a seriously disabled lady & that i do need my DLA.
    Its as though im in the wrong because theyre very non sympathetic,its my old doctor thay should be getting onto.
    Ive been so stressed these last 3 weeks & my pains been through the roof,all the worry has bought on a massive flare-up,which is very painful.
    If only that man knew just what he put me through,he will do soon enough ill make sure of that.
    Thanks for all your support youre the best.
    Very gentle hugs
    Sharon d(UK)