Update on Dr. visit and Psych

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bozey, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Well, I went to my Dr. Weds and he doesn't want to write a letter for SSDI. He said it doesn't do any good. And I'm ok with that I guess since I do respect him. But, he did give me a name of a Dr. that he found that does Fibro patients, I think he said she does the alternative treatment. Anyway, I will call her office today and find out. And I've got a number for a foot Dr. as my Rheumy doesn't seem to care about my feet and I'm having a problem with pain in my heels and the side of left foot.

    And he gave me a script for tramadol for the knee pain I'm having. It was so severe, I could hardly walk that day. I took it and it did help big time. So, that alone was worth the visit.

    But then about 11pm that same night, I got the flu. So yesterday, I slept all day til 3:30 and went back to bed at 9pm and slept til 6 this morning. Am feeling much better today but am still going to take it easy.

    Oh yeah, I told my Dr. about the Psych being so weird and he laughed at first and he did say that with being sick with a long illness, and with seeing so many different doctors, that I will come across a few weird ones and ask me if I would at least give him a try. So, I told him I will at least go to the next visit and let him know from there.

    Anyway, this is just my update. Thank all of you for the advice from my previous post on this. And I still have the advice in my head and may use it after the next Psych visit.

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    I am glad you got the tramadol and it helped your knee. And it sounds like the Dr. at least has a sense of humor.

    Sorry about the flu and hope you are better soon.