Update on Dr. Visit - Fatigue - Pain - Neurontin

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    I left work early today and drove to my Family Doctor's office. Even though there were 2 doctors out this week, they said I could see him at 4:30 today. I still was nervous, wondering if I was running into his office every time I felt funny. I called my best friend and she said I should go. I was the last patient of the day, and he was wonderful! I told him I had dropped the Neurontin to 300 mg. at night as he had suggested, and that I was still feeling terrible and tired all day long. He said since I was still feeling fatigue during the day on the lower dose, that the fatigue probably wasn't caused by the Neurontin, and I should go back up to 600 mg. He said that would help ease my pain. He also said that he set up the "sleep consult" for me so I could find out if the fatigue was due to a sleep disorder, or just the FMS. He also suggested I go back to the Rheumatologist. He examined me and told me my glands weren't swollen and I wasn't "sick". I told him I'm going on vacation next week and wanted to make sure I wasn't sick. He said I was okay. He understands everything about how I feel and never made me feel bad about coming in. I thanked him and told him that my appt. with the sleep doctor is on the 15th of this month. He really is wonderful! Thanks to all of you for all of your help and support!