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    First of all, (((Thank You)))to all of you who have been keeping Eliza and all of us in your thoughts and prayers.

    Preliminary tests are 95% indicative of hydrocephalus. This is a condition where the ventricles in the brain do not work properly and fluid builds up. It causes the head to enlarge at a faster rate than normal which is generally the first signal that something is amiss.
    Eliza will be having a CT scan and/or an MRI this week.
    Right now she is not in any imminent danger and all care is same as usual other than being even more careful about supporting her head. No neck or back strain so far.
    Sometimes this condition resolves on its own and she will be monitored weekly. If further tests show intervention is needed then a surgical procedure will be done to place what is called a shunt in the malfunctioning ventricle to provide drainage directly into the stomach. (basically a long tube that runs under the skin from the ventricle to her tummy.)
    Rolling over, creeping etc. are delayed right now due to her head being heavier then her neck muscles can maintain.
    Generally the outlook is good for children who are diagnosed and treated early. She may be behind in some areas a bit as time goes by, but compared to what could have been we are thankful for what is.

    I will update with new info, treatment and progress.

    Not out of the woods yet and hopefully the coming tests will not show anything else wrong.

    Thank you again good people from all of us.

    Hugs, Pammy
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    Thanks for the updates, she's been in my prayers! God does wonderful things girl and I know she's going to be just fine. Just hang in there and take care of yourself too, she needs you grandma!

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    Keeping that beautiful, precious little girl and all your family lifted up in prayers.

    God bless,
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    Thanks for your update. I will continue to pray for Eliza and your family,

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    Keeping you all in my prayers... love dona