update on friend's grandson, Pierce Harlin

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    He has either luekemia or a rare virus that attacks the bone marrow. Tests today should show what it is. Either way, he will need a bone marrow transplant. They are starting tests on family members in hopes of finding a match. Pierce is a down's baby, just slight though, and because of this his immunity has always been low.

    My friend is also concerned for her son, Gene, who is having a hard time with this. Thank you for all your prayers.

    Pierce has undergone his first radiation treatment on Friday. The nurses weren't watching him closely and thanks to his mother pestering them, they caught it in time. He was going into shock and needed blood transfusion. Sounds to me like the treatment was too strong for his body. His type of luekemia doesn't work with a bone marrow transplant so he will have radiation for 3 years. One good thing is that this type for some reason heals better in Downs Syndrome children. Thank you for your prayers.
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    I will be praying for pierce and his family. I pray God will send healing to him and lead his parents to the right doctors. The down`s children are such loving,sweet kids, they teach us alot. They are such a gift.