UPDATE on gym membership and thank you

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sarahm19, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Thanks for everyone who gave me advice. Here is the news:

    I dont have a general doctor yet - my 1st apptm is in September so i had to ask my gastroenterologist for a doctors note to exercise to give to my gym. He did NOT want to do it cause he doesnt know me and thinks i could be anorexic. I begged him and tried to explain my RSD to him. He wrote a note that said something like
    " ms. blankity blank should be allowed to exercise carefully and in moderation. I cannot comment on whether or not she has anorexia or on the status of her lungs/heart"
    I am thankful that he at least wrote that. So i turned it in to my gym today and got an email back saying

    "continue to use our facility until furthur notice...."

    what does the "..." mean? That guy wants to take it away later or something? Anyway, I WONT be mad anymore because i have the ADA papers stating that i cant be kicked out of their gym, on backup anyway. But for now im hoping that the note is enough.

    For those of you who had concerns about my weight (and thank you for caring), yesterday my boyfriend (LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy) came up with a weight gain plan for me where i can still do just enough cardio that i need to feel good in my legs but he said cut out the weight training until i gain weight and eat at least 3,000 calories a day. I know that sounds crazy but he's a runner and he really does know what hes talking about. I have learned that my metabolism is COMPLETELY individual from everyone elses. Last night, for dinner i had chicken salad, a kid cuisine (mac+cheese, chicken nuggets and a brownie), then 2 pudding cups, a cup of peaches and a quesadilla. :) Gotta at least look at the fun side of a 3,000 calorie diet!
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    lot's proteins.....i would only do maybe 3 days a week 20 minutes of cadio...annd you need to do heavy sets of free weights....meaning like one warm up set of 6-8 reps...

    muscle weighs more than fat......and is much more dense and compact...fat is well blubber...

    read some weight training magazines...go to library and check books by pro atheletes that train for weight training...
    one of my all time favs was rachelle maglish(sp)..cory everson...

    well be fornate that you can get and be quite thin...but someday it will catch up with you...

    even though someone is underweight that can be more unhealthy than someone overweight...

    so read up some more on nututional facts.....

    good luck

    and have fun gaining


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