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  1. gladone

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    Thanks to all who have sent well wishes in regards to my nephew.

    He is doing well and the operation last friday went very good overall. Every time a procedure is done it causes a bit of a set back. This is to be expected and varies on the extent of trauma.

    Over the past 5-6 months it is nice to see his recovery time gets to be less and less. What used to take him 5-7 days to recover now takes 1-2 days. A true sign of strength and determination.

    It is always great to see him regain his motivation post op. Getting back to the gym and eating is always a good sign.

    I told him of this site and sent him your good wishes. To which he replied that he was grateful for the support but he wanted all to know he earned his wounds freely and by choice. And if need be, he would do it all again for our country.

    I can only say this fine young man alway's makes me proud!!

    Thanks again,

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I'm glad your nephew is doing better.

    Before this flare started, I used to volunteer at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and met many of our guys coming back from Iraq. My friend and I were the only one's from Stuttgart allowed on the wards.

    They're all great guys/gals, doing their jobs and I've never heard one of them say they didn't want to get right back to it.

    Tell him I said 'Thanks' too....

    Ouch, the silly string is used to spray for wires when entering a building that could be wired with bombs. It has a 12 foot spray capacity so they can use it as they enter and sometimes save lives.


    Nancy B
  3. abcanada

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    I can't imagine how hard this must have been on your entire family! I believe these devastating times in life make us incredibly strong & give us the wisdom to be patient, kind, understanding & accepting of others. Your nephew sounds like an awfully special person to be in this situation to begin with. It takes a unique compassionate soul to take on these tasks that our governments so willing volunteers our military for. I truely hope he is somehow honored for everything he gave for ALL of us. Thinking of you & your family, Laura
  4. BigBri

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    Sharon?--Gladone??? Moderator#2??? California??? This is BigBri. What is going on with the family? I have been away and kinda lookin around the boards. Is this The same person from NC? Boy this looks pretty crazy HUH!Brian
  5. Cromwell

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    Oh happy for him and you. It is so hard supporting someone through traumativ injury, I am doing same with my brother right now since August and each gain is a celebration each setback tears for us at least.

    bigbri-Sharon(Moderator) moved Gladones post to the chitchat board from FM. THey are two separte people. I think Sharon is doing a little better, though has had a tough time also.

    Love to all

    Annie cromwell
  6. BigBri

    BigBri New Member

    Thanks Annie! Thought I was losing it. Been gone for awihle. Have a nice day---- Brian
  7. gladone

    gladone New Member

    I was to away from the board for awhile and did not know about the chat room. I posted on the CFS/FM board about my nephew who suffered 3rd degree burns to 64% of his body while serving in the U.S.M.C, in Iraq.

    Sharon was kind enough to move my post to this site. Thus it has caused some confusion about the author of said post.

    Just wanted to clarify,
  8. BigBri

    BigBri New Member

    Your nephew is a true hero. All the best to him and your family. Your friend Brian
  9. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    I missed your origional post but would like to add my good wishes. It sounds like he is keeping a good attitude and that will help in his recovery.

    My favorite stepson served one tour in Iraq with the National Guard and is now there as a private contractor. Thank God so far he has had only minor injuries.

    Give my best to your nephew, he sounds like a very fine and brave young man.


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