Update on lymph node/neck problem

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    Saw an ENT surgeon today about my "moderately prominent lymph nodes" and the unusual deposit of subcutaneous fat that half moons my neck above the collar bone showing up on the MRI.

    Evidently the fat is just fat. Can't explain why I developed it suddenly in November on one side of my neck.
    I have had this area swell before, both separately and on both sides simaltaneously. It always went down somewhere between a few hours or a few days.

    The lymph nodes were not dangerously enlarged, he said. I told him a realized that swollen nodes and intermittent low grade fever go hand and hand with FM., but my rheumy and my pc doctor said I had to see a surgeon. The ENT doctor said they just aren't experienced enough in this area to make judgement calls.

    They numbed my nose and inserted a camera scope through it into my throat to check it out. I've been experiencing a sense of pressure in my lower throat like someone is pressing against it. Everything looked normal. The pressure is believed to be from acid reflux. He's going to get my insurance to authorize Nexium or Protnic to control it since OVC acid reducers haven't worked yet.

    I'll see him in another month. He'll recheck the lymph nodes, and see if the medications help, or if any of the other symptoms have gotten worse.

    Thanks everyone for your prayers. I guess, now, I'll schedule my left shoulder arthroscopy to repair the rotor cuff and clean-up the arthritis, and spurs.

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    Bless you Della. Amen.