UPDATE on ME and my Hearing...

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    I am doing OK but I'm very lonely. God will see me through this all. I know I have work to do for God, before I die. I'll strive to do all that I can. My husband was the Minister and Pastor at our Church and was very loved there also.
    The church had a wonderful dinner after the funeral and many many people was there to pay their respect for Al.
    He is missed so much!
    Still needing all your prayer !

    I went for a mapping on Thurs. and the Audi helped me more than she ever did. She raised my high freq.(where you hear speech) and lowered the Low freq.( where you hear noise) and I am hearing much better today.I scored 20 at 1000 htz. and that was great. It is great to hear again and I am thinking of getting a job,just to get out of the house daily.

    Love Shirley
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    It sounds as if you are doing remarkably well under the circumstances. You are right about God seeing you through and the fact that your work is not done yet. I hope you have a lot of support from the church. I know it will be extremely hard for you without your dear husband.

    I am glad that you got your hearing taken care of. An older friend of mine lost her dear husband about 3 years ago and she works parttime at the IGA supermarket which is right down the street from her house. She works about 3 days a week and she told me she didn't know what she would do if she didn't have her job. It gets her out of the house and away from the memories for a short time. If you could find something for just a few hours a day even, if you are physically able to do it, it would probably help you tremendously.

    I will continue to lift you up in prayer.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    I know that you really must be lonely and suffering so much from the loss of Al. This is a period of your life that you have to go through and no one else can do it for you. But we can pray for you to give you strenth and to lessen the pain. Grieving is a nautral part of life. It hurts and it hurts bad.

    When my Dad passed away 14 yrs ago, my Mom was so miserable. She was very lonely for a long time. She was not type of person who would get out a lot and just sat at home alone and that was not good for her. I tried to get her involved in activities at her church and she did a little but would not be consistent. I tried to get her to do a craft, but she wouldn't. She is now and has been for 9 yrs, remarried to a man that they(Mom & Dad) had been best friends with him and his wife for 45 yrs. His wife died suddenly from a bloodclot. They got together and married and now they live in an assisted living center because stepdad has has many little strokes and cannot get around alone at all. They are both 81 yrs. old and have provided each other a lot of comfort.

    Do you do any type of craft work like quilting, cross stitching, sewing, etc? Just will my illness, I have to have an outlet to do when I can or I would go crazy. I love to make quilts, simple ones! Love hand quilting. Love doing counted crossstitch on linen. I guess that is why I like to hand quilt because I love to do things with my hands. Ironically, my worst place that I have RA is in my hands, so I can only do for short peiords of time. The
    c.stitch does not hurt though, because I am holding fabric and needle and thread very loosely. If my shoulders are flared up, I can't do any of it!

    I would love to talk on here with you anytime if you are lonely. I usually stay up kinda late and I am in CST. What time zone are you in? I check boards very often to see if any new prayer requests.

    I am praying for you every day. Know that and know that God will sustain you. Take it one day, or one-half day at a time. I think getting a parttime job would be a good idea also. If you are able physically it would be great.
    Try to find something that would be fun to do so it won't be a chore to go to work.

    Remember, I am praying for you to have daily strength to get through this grieving time.

    Love in Christ,