Update on me and my mom and question

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    Hi all,

    Just a quick update.

    I think my chiropractor helped me with my neck
    and back issues so I will probably make another
    appointment to see him next week. He generally
    likes to see how I do and let me call the shots.
    He once told me working on me is like walking
    through a minefield because he never knows
    how I am going to react. Unless, he knows of something that would help and then he makes
    me come back, such as my corded achilles
    tendonitis I had last year.

    My mother seems to be just a bit better.
    Last night around 1:45 she came to my
    bedroom and wanted to see me. She
    was very anxious and hadn't had much sleep
    prior to then and she went to bed at 7:30.
    She wanted to walk around in the hall so
    we did that for awhile, talking the entire time.
    I had a sore back and neck and had my period
    and wanted my bed but I wasn't about to
    take care of myself at that point. She said it
    was calming her for us to talk and then
    I was so tired I lied down on her bed for awhile
    while she tried to rest again after the walking.
    I asked if she would go to the psych dr my chiro
    recommended and she said yes. I knew she
    would but I wanted to make sure. I am going to
    call on Monday and make and appt and go
    with her to see him. I also want to see him to
    see if he can help me with meds. My chiro seems
    to think he really knows his stuff. So, we shall see.
    I felt relieved that my mother was wanting to do
    this. SHe also told me that she wanted to go
    out today.

    So, after she woke up this morning she washed
    her hair and got ready and went to the store.
    She likes to drive and is not anxious when
    she drives. WHen she came home she
    was anxious again. I told her she is just
    like New England weather. Every time she turns
    around I don't know what to expect. She knows.

    Anyway, I feel a bit relieved about everything for now.

    She is currently taking .25 xanax and .5 ambien
    and 2 benadryl's at bedtime. Do you think it
    would be okay for me to give her half a phenergan
    to see if that would help her. Or shouldn't that
    be taken with the benadryl? She is 72.

    Thank you.