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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CockatooMom, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Hello my FM family!

    I was sitting here trying to finish organizing our computer room/office. I have a bunch of paperwork that needs put in date order and filed.

    And I remembered that I have to get forms from school for my criminal background check, child abuse check, and medical exams.

    It's been such a chaotic summer, especially with being sick for the last 3 weeks or so, trying to buy the little place we are renting, starting summer microbiology and dropping it to take in the fall...blah, blah, blah.

    I got a refund from school and HAD to get a new computer, and now it doesn't seem to be acting right!

    I have to have these background checks and a medical, dental, eye exam, and TB test all done and turned in by AUGUST 1st!

    I just want to cry. I am so overwhelmed I don't know where to start.

    I'm STILL itching like crazy from whatever I'm allergic to. I stopped taking my tegratol yesterday for fear that I'm allergic to that instead of the antibiotics. I called the nurse this morning, and STILL havent heard back from her.

    My husband has been having "big truck" problems and hasn't worked in 3 weeks, we are going broke, and now I need to pay for all these exams! UGH!

    I know my little problems are nothing like some of the big ones others in our FM family are going through. I guess each of us has different tolerance levels also. Personally, I am at my limit.

    I am going to sit down, make a list of what needs done, make my appointments, and do what I can. That's all I can do.

    I'm supposed to be reading my nursing books over the summer for the fall semester too. Teaching myself fluid & electrlytes and arterial blood gases.

    I need to be practicing my drug calculations also. We have a drug calculation test the 2nd week of school. You have 3 tries to pass it with an 80%, if you don't, you are kicked out of the nursing program.

    OK....DEEP BREATH IN....let it out slowly...

    And I've gained so much weight, I feel horrible, I look horrible, my hair is falling out, and I am having a hard time making it to the gym to exercise. Gosh, I'm just SO TIRED.

    Hey, the deep breath was supposed to stop the thoughts from going around in circles in my head!

    Let's try again...DEEP BREAYH IN.....let it out slowly...

    OK, Im going to go pray now. Please say a little prayer for me too...

    Love & hugs,
  2. rigby

    rigby New Member

    Take a lot of deep breathes. Going to nursing school is tuff I can still remember going. Take one thing at a time. Like getting TB shot from the health clinic. Taking the drug test is eaily if you don't stress. Money is tight but take one step at a time are you will make you self sicker. Try one thing a week to get everything done starting with the least expansive. Good luck Sharon
  3. TAM

    TAM New Member

    HI CockatooMom,

    Just wanted to tell you to hang in there and good luck on your tests and with everything.

    Hope your pain gives you a break soon. Take Care, Tammy.
  4. tronda

    tronda New Member

    when I started the radiography program last fall. I was a nervous wreck. My fog kicked in big time. Things have settled down and I am feeling more comfortable now. I think it is great you are taking on the challenge of going back to school with having an illness. Keep taking those so you don't forget to breathe!
  5. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Hey girl ~

    I have been so busy with kids and ball and appointments...that I haven't kept in touch lately. I'm sorry to hear that things have continued to be so rough! You have got to get a break soon...I need you to be there this semester...we can do it together!!! We are both too far to give up and let fibro win!

    I had a follow up appt. with my rheum. doc at HMC. Good news - he doesn't think I have Lupus right now but wants more blood work in six months. Bad news - severe firbo!
    So, I did get some questions answered: meds for sleeping if needed; new pain med when I am ready to give it a try, called Lyrica and made by pfizer. Suggested that I look up info on the drug on the pfizer site; nothing in particular needed for on the bed to help with sleeping - everyone is different and can spend thousands figuring it out; a multi vitamin for now and in six months he will chek my vit. D level to make sure this doesn't need supplemented; irritable bowel (I could really give my movements a birth name)...go to GI doc for a check and possibly meds; an anti inflamatory med and to keep pain med to as much of a minimum as possible; psychologically - more than counseling...suggested bio-feedback, stress control etc.; and lastly I have been reading a lot about fibro related to an allergy - he stated that this is incorrect info, that fibro has a genetic predisposition. If it were allergy based, why would we get flares with stress or viruses?
    So, based on what I just learned - I am going to go to see a GI doc, get more sleep (even when school starts again - screw needing to get the best grades), and keeping up with a good diet (I need to stop binging on peanut M&M's) and exercising.
    I know you pretty good "E", the only thing I can suggest is to eat healthy/natural foods (like a diabetic), and exercise...even if it is just stretching - like Yoga to get the blood flowing...days that I don't exercise, I could swear that my blood gets shunted away from my brain!

    Love you friend ~ keep your chin up!
    Call me ~
  6. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Okay -

    One thing at a time!

    The most beneficial thing for me study-wise in EMT school was to get huge piles of index cards and make flash cards.

    This way, you can rope anybody who happens to be hand into quizzing you. Or you can quiz yourself over and over again. It really makes the difference when you need to "know" the material.

    Also, if you've got any of the computer study guides that go with your text books - lots of times the quizzes in those are pretty much in exactly the same format as the tests.

    Whenever God closes a door, He always opens a window - don't forget to look for the window!

    You can DO it!

    Madame Curie
  7. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Thanks TAM, MustLuvDogs, Tronda, and all....

    I'm going to keep hanging in there(and breathing)
    I'm taking benadryl for my itching, is helping some.

    Nurse called me back, doc said to go off my lamictal also, I see doc Wednesday.

    I made my list and got my appt's scheduled!

    Madame Curie~ Yes, I am queen of the flash cards!
    I will be making some for microbiology. I think it's harder to use flashcards for nursing.

    Rigby~ (Love the pic)

    Crickie~ Gosh I know you're busy, that's why I hate to call and bother you! No lupus? Great! Severe FM? Sucks!

    I've heard good things about lyrica, may ask about for myself. Why do they check vit d?

    Sorry to hear about birthing movements. Remind me, I need to give you stormyskyes "shake" recipe and tell you what else I've learned.

    OK, gotta call the red cross for CPR recertification!
    It's next on my list

    Thanks again family!

    Love & hugs
  8. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Girlfriend...don't you ever think that I am too busy to call, I will always answer my phone for you!
    Pleeeaaaasssee pass on the recipe for fixing my "birth name deserving" problem...gosh, glad I can speak freely to a fellow nurse! Everyone else...sorry TMI...!
    Glad you've made a list and seem to be making a little progress with the doc! I hope med changes will help!
    I just sent my background checks and won't have my physical until the end of Aug. ~ no worries! AND...I hope you signed up for the Aug. CPR recert. at Chmbg hosp??? Would be fun to do together!

    Hang in there ~
    P.S. Not sure about Lyrica..you know me and how I hesitate to take any further chemicals! As for the Vit. D check...I have no idea and didn't ask any further since it won't be dealt with for another 6 months...interesting though!

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