Update on me, if you remember me.

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    I disappeared for a while. I went to another message board that other's suggested. I sometimes felt, although they were helpful, but I kind of felt like I wasn't part of the club.

    Well, I'm vcamlin, I started posting here FIRST.

    I'll try to give you an update.

    I get sicker and I experience more and more excruciating pain every day. Mostly in my neck. Not in the bones, like arthritic Lyme, but I feel like I get the hottest, most brutal knifes, daggers, pokers, being stabbed into my neck without any breaks in between. My ribs are so painful that I hate wearing a bra, clothes, and sometimes I can't even sleep unless I find that one position where nothing hurts my ribs. My hands and feet fall asleep, so to speak. Then the feeling comes back. Then it does it again. The pain is too much to handle. I haven't been able to eat because my pain is at such a high level, I can't imagine eating. I've dropped probably 40lbs....just from not eating. Today, I'm at 115lbs, which most people would love to be that weight, but not me. I've been skinny (very) all my life, and I liked my body with some meat on it, you know? That's gone too.

    It hurts to even smile at my 2 year old. I feel week....probably from not eating enough. But I literally can't help it. I bought Ensure shakes, just to try to get "some" calories in me....because I have a son....a 2 year old at that. I have to eat...for him.

    Okay, long story short. I happened to have a bottle of Amoxy and a bottle of Doxy, prescribed by a nurse practitioner. When I took both together, the weirdest thing happened. I know this is unbelievable and I don't blame you for thinking this is weird. After I got bit, before I got sick, I got weird rashes, nasty painful ones underneath my armpits.

    When I combined those meds, those rashes turned into classic bull's eye rashes. Yes, I even took pictures of them. So, I went back to the doctor. They ordered another WB because the other one only had band 41. Well, mine came out CDC positive, from LABCORP, even. The rashes finally disappeared but now they are back.

    I just wanted to let you all know, since you all WERE the first to help me with this, that I got my cdc positive (I could NOT believe I got a pure positive from friggin' LABCORP!)

    What was weird, my first WB was sent to Labcorp in Tampa. But when I showed my doctors the weird bull's eye rashes under my arm pits....I was looking online on my insurance website and EVERY OTHER LAB goes to Labcorp, Tampa. But since my doctor wrote BULL'S EYE RASH - PERFORM WESTERN BLOT. Guess where they sent it? Far out of state, I think to Virginia or somewhere around there. Burlington, "somewhere" but it wasn't FL...because I called.

    Poof, there was my positive. I have another story that will blow your mind. I will copy and paste it so you can read who called me yesterday. And you would never guess it.

    I still don't have an LLMD. I don't have that kind of money. I am not sure what to do yet. But regardless, I wanted you to know that I am positive now and I live in so much pain, it's scary, tearful, and I feel trapped.

    I'll post the other bizarre phone call I got yesterday (yes, it Lyme related).

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me.

    I'm ordering "under our skin" has anyone else heard of or seen it yet?
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    CDC positive.... good for you, that does not happen alot. I am also CDC positive, do you have more peace now that you know you have lyme for sure? Im sorry you have so much pain, we all know how you feel. If your not seeing a LLMD who is treating you? I hope your on antibiotics, B/C If you dont get the right treatment lyme will progress. I have only seen the trailor to under our skin, but I need to order it too. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
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    Thanks for posting that! I've not seen the documentary yet, just snippets... and the documentary maker's explanation as to why he made it, it sounds excellent.

    I hope you keep posting here... this site is so large, and we need to let others know of the possibility of lyme and co-infections...

    which makes me wonder, were you tested for any of the common co-infections as well?

    Take care... I'm still around but in process of moving out of the country so likely won't be on much this month.

    all the best,

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    I am new here, only been on the board about 1 month.

    Thanks for sharing your updates with us.
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    Yes, I do remember you. That is sort of amazing! Hope you can find a way to get proper treatment.

    Good luck and keep us posted.