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    I went to the first meeting for vocational rehab, and it went well. I meet with a assigned counselor for the first time coming up Thursday. I have been assigned a male, and at first I thought I didn't think I would like that, but on second thought I open up more to men for whatever reasons.

    I went to my doctor who treats the Fibromyalgia, he updated my records, added limitations, where my pain is most concentrated at right now. He even wrote a script for vocational rehab. So to make sure I get the eligibility part. I got copies of my records to take back with me to the counselor on the next meeting.

    My doctor also upped pain meds from Tylenol 4's to Vicodins.

    They arent working on the pain, they help for a hour or so, that is it. I do not want to over take them, so just dealing with the pain the best I can.

    My doctor alsofilled out a form so I can get the Handicap placard.

    Most of the pain is in my right hip, back, and leg. I am finding it so hard to climb stairs, cook, clean, or anything at all. I Have been inside my house, for 2 days now. The cold and snow, it affects the pain, makes it worse. I may venture outdoors later, tomorrow.

    I am also trying to quit smoking. My doctor put me on zyban. He prescribed a lower dose, so as not to interact, cause to many probs, side effects with the med Celexa. I have been slowing down allready on smoking, and I hope to quit within a week or two. Never really really tryed to quit like this before and I hope it works.

    Besides the physical problems and pain, I am dealing with emotional problems too. Hard to talk about, its just about working on my way of thought, thinking. A feeling of aloneness and abandonment, stemming from childhood.

    I noticed lately that I have been getting words mixed up more so, like the first letter of words and saying the wrong ones. I mentined it to the doctor, but he didnt have answer.

    I am not sure if the vocational rehab will even work, with the way I am feeling and stuff. I am going to just give it my best shot, thats it.

    I found a support group through the local Arthritis foundation, for Fibromyalgia. I also learned that they have free water aroebics, in a heated indoor pool. I am going to be loooking more into it.

    Thats about it, going to go lay down, rest and try and sleep.

    Have a good one everyone!!

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    I missed your message when it first came around but found it and wanted to respond to your effort to quit smoking.

    First of all: CONGRATULATIONS! Deciding to quit is almost the most important thing you can do. If you don't succeed, don't worry about it or be hard on yourself. It can take multiple tries before you quit. I tried about five times before I finally did it. On the other hand, I know people who did it the first time they tried.

    I was fortunate enough to be in a group when I finally quit. According to what the group leaders told us, studies show that a combination of Zyban and the nicotine patch offer the best tools for quitting. Because I was in the group, I got the patch free -- otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use it because I couldn't have affored it! If it's of any interest, Zyban is actually Wellbutrin, an antidepressant (I couldn't tolerate it but everyone else in the group did). If cost is a consideration, if your doctor writes the prescription for Wellbutrin instead of Zyban, most insurances will pay for it.

    Good luck!