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    I saw my dentist today. The tooth I thought was the problem is ok; instead I have an infection on the left side lower level--he isn't sure why. I have had these weird little bouts of infections before-they give me antibotics and they clear up.

    He wants me to come back in later in the week if this is not healed up--wants to be sure no infection goes down into the jaw.

    He x-rayed the tooth that I thought was the problem child and he showed me how much better it looked from the last time I was there when I had a root canal issue.

    The billing lady was busy when I left so I will call her tomorrow. My script was only $ 4.00.
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    Glad to hear this! You must be so relieved.

    Best wishes,

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    That is interesting, Bead.

    Thanks for sharing your update with us!

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    Glad to hear things went well.