Update on Mikie and Hurricane Charlie....................

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    Update on Mikie and Hurricane Charlie.......... 08/13/04 07:02 PM

    I spoke to Mikie from her cell phone about 8pm EST. She is fine, no physical damage from Hurricane Charlie, its passed her area, but there is considerable damage left behind.

    She asked me to tell everyone she will be back online when the electricity/telephone is back up and working, which could be a week or more.

    I am going to let her tell her own story about what she has been through with this horrific storm.

    All I will say is, if I had to choose a partner to weather a catastrophe with, it would be Mikie!

    Please keep her and everyone in the path of this hurricane in your prayers, this is a terrible one, and is causing some serious damage wherever it goes.

    Thank you all.

    Shalom, Shirl