update on my 1st mammo

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    Well, I posted before that I finally got results that everything came back benign.

    I went for follow up yesterday and doctor wants to remove the remainder of the papilloma and the cavity and tissue around the cavity where it was/is. Best to get it all out of there so it won't turn into something cancerous in the future.

    So, I'm having it all done on June 8. I have to laugh, because last June I had a hysterectomy!
    This June I'm having this surgery....hmmmmm, makes me wonder what kind of surgery I'll have to have next June?!?!?!

    Anyway, I'm keeping my head and mood up about it all. Got to stay positive, right? Oh, and he said rarely they get a surprise when they remove papilloma's, meaning very rarely when the whole area is biopsied does it come back as cancer. So, he's pretty confident that this whole thing will be benign, but just has to tell me that there's a very slight possibility it will be malignant.

    Just wanted to share my little latest health issue! Again, I'm finding the humor in it all or I'll go absolutely crazy! :):):):):)

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    You are going to have that little devil removed and the pathology report is going to come back absolutely clear. And you wont be bothered by that little devil anymore. So glad youre upbeat about this...i know its frightening. And youll go on to comfort another woman whose going thru the same thing, bc youve been there and know what shes going thru. Good for you for hanging strong!
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    Thanks so much!!!!

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    good luck honey!!!!!!!!!