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    hi all- gonna keep this brief, due to pain in my right hand. Just wanted to do an update, since many of us are looking into adrenal treatments. (if you want more info please see my previous posts.)

    I took adrenal saliva test in NOvember. results were low cortisol all day long, and normal dhea = stage 5 adrenal fatigue. started adrenal glandular supplements mid november, one a day - building up to 3 a day. started gaining some energy in december, then in january had an energy surge like i haven't had for years!!! it was awesome, but only lasted a week.

    since then i have been "OK". definately better than before taking the adrenal supplements. am awake much more, and able to do more. still some days are better than others, and some days i am still in bed all day.

    just talked to my doc yesterday- he said this is normal as you slowly strengthen your adrenals, to have ups and downs, and he stresed the importance of pacing and patience. So I am optimistic. He is going to add Isocort to my treatment. and after i measure my blood pressure for a few days i will try adding licorice (herb). i will monitor to see if it increases my already slightly elevated blood pressure- hopefully not.

    on a side note- my brother who is going thru a similar process w his adrenals is doing well. he has opted for rx cortisol (cortef) instead of the glandulars. the cortef has lifted his severe depression. it is wonderful. he was severely depressed for 6 years.

    so much for the "brief" update!!!!

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    hey there, glad to hear you and your brother are doing well. i have low cortsiol as well and my DHEA is slightly low too. amazing how tired these 2 things can make you isn't it. i am doing a lot of vitamin c, coq10, acetyl l-carnitine, omega 3, calcium citrate and magnesium citrate. just added vitamin b complex and am going to add malic acid in the next few days... i have to add everything slowly so i can tell what neagitvley effects me.

    i am also on natural thyroid - just started this - last time i tried my adrenals could not handle it... i am praying that this time they can. really have my ups and down with my adrenals.... mostly downs, ugh.

    let me know how the isocort goes!
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    I am glad to see your posting. I was just reading through my workbook for anxiety disorders, which on top of FM I have, trying to find some answer to an episode I had on Sunday (I have posted this is you want to read or comment on it) and in the book it mentions this adrenal glands thing and some of the symptoms, which sounded kinda close to what happened to me on Sunday.

    Can you tell me something about it?

  4. pocahontas606

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    that my adrenal glands being stressed makes me have VERY stressful thoughts... thoughts that i do not normally have and do not like.

    i am constantly worried about my family, about my dogs - like i think of their saftey ALL the time. i have to block these thoughts out first b/c i am a proponent of "the secret" and do not want any negative fear thoughts going towards anybody i love, and second b/c it literally stresses my adrenals.

    adrenal fatige definitely makes you have 'panicky" thoughts... it produces for lack of a better term "adrenaline thoughts". i am also VERY easily startled. for instance, i am really afraid of bugs, and i must shreak 3x a day b/c i think i see a bug out of the corner of my eye. i was so embarrassed, i had a friend over and i yelped and jumped back over a piece of fuzz!!!

    sound at all like you?
  5. bigmama2

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    gurl- i read about your incident- yikes! i have no idea what that was, or if it was related to adrenal. hope you feel better now or soon. read up on adrenal fatigue on internet and see if it rings a bell w you.

    pocahonatas- sorry to heat that you have "stessed out thoughts" alot. i can't handle stress, but that is different. but i did have to laugh about the bug thing. does that sound like me? uh, yea, exactly!!!!!!!!!!

  6. pocahontas606

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    bigmamma - i know! the bug thing - oh god.

    gurl - okay, i just read your incident - horrible. so sorry that happened. not to simplify it, but what did you eat that day or before... i am asking b/c i am wondering if you had an MSG reaction? they can be bad. i had one when i was in my early 20's and got really disoriented, couldn't remember my ph#, my mom's #, and i got lost on the way home... well i had chinese food for lunch that day. go to truthinlabeling.org and scroll to the blue section where it says ingredient names to hide MSG - i avoid ALL of these ingredients.

    lastly - could that 1 drink have interacted w/ your meds?

    stay well.
  7. woofmom

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    I used to eat KFC chicken and chase it with Diet Coke. How's that for lethal!!!!!!!!! And I too used to be startled very easily. My brain has calmed down now that I don't ingest either of those mind destroying chemicals.
  8. springrose22

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    Bigmama2 sounds like we have some of the same problems: slightly high BP, low cortisol levels all day, and somewhat normal DHEA. How many stages of adrenal fatigue are you referring to? I started on Isocort 2 pills 3 times a day and 1 at the end of the day 3.5 weeks ago and haven't noticed anything yet - also increased Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid and magnesium. Am hypothyroid, but so far I haven't been able to tolerate T3/T4 or Cytomel, due to palpitations, now have a prescription for slow release T3 - 5 mcg. daily. I am actually afraid to take it.

    My research on thyroid/adrenal problems tells me some conflicting things: that you should treat the adrenal first or both thyroid & adrenal concurrently. I'm starting to think that I maybe should treat my adrenals first. Anyone else here taking Cortef besides Bigmama's brother? How much does he take?

    Gurl, I wonder if your adrenals are telling you in a not so subtle way that they can't handle stress anymore? That episode sounds pretty scarry. Gotta go lie down. Marie
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  9. bigmama2

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    hi springrose-
    yes it does sound like we have similarities! do you also get SEVERE insomnia, so bad that you days and nights get reversed? I do, and i hate it! do you have fibro and pain? I do not, and feel very lucky about that. But sometimes my fatigue/exhaustion gets so intense that it is "painful". Does that happen to you too?

    Are you being treated for adrenals by someone w experience in that?

    When i started taking adrenal supps (called MilAdregen)it took a few weeks to notice anything, maybe because i took 1 pill a day for a week, then 2 a day for a week, then finally 3 a day. Thats when I had the amazing week long energy surge. but then it didn't last.

    about stages- my saliva test was done by diagnos tech labs, and according to ones results (cortisol and dhea) they tell you what stage of adrenal fatigue you are in. there are 7 stages. stage 7 is the most severe. (I am in stage 5). in the first few stages ones cortisol is too high. in the latter stages it is too low. diagnos tech website has info on the test and possibly the stages. clymer healing center (who is treating me) website (do a search to get the website) has lots of good info on adrenal fatigue and the stages.

    my bro is taking 2.5mg cortef (rx) 4 times a day. equaling 10 mg total. he is thrilled that his depression has lifted. of course we are all hoping and praying that it stays that way!

    re - treating adrenal and thyroid. I know what you mean!! My research is conflicting in that area too!!! I really don't know if I should treat them at same time or treat adrenals first. I decided to treat adrenals first, because my adrenals are worse than my thyroid. Plus I wanted to do one thing at a time so I could more clearly know the effect of treatment. I have read several times to treat adrenals first.

    well that's the story for now! take care,

  10. NyroFan

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    It always is good to hear an update!

  11. bigmama2

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    hello! sorry your head is hurting today.

    i have been on low doses of corticosteroids (asthma inhalers) for years now. i have read that this can contribute to weakening adrenals. but if you have asthma and can't breathe you have to do something!!! I was on prednisone only once - i think it was for a severe long lasting asthma situation, but i'm not sure.

    i have read alot of things that relate asthma and allergies to low functioning adrenal glands. i wonder if its true?

  12. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Congrats on your sure progress w/ the adrrenal treatment. I've been doing it a year and a half and have seen extra cumulative benefits like reduced MCS reactions and the treatment has almost cured my sleep disorder. Its just when SAD is starting and ending that the sleep issues come back temporarily. So hopefully you'll have htat to look forward to in time.


    If you want to treat adrenals/thyroid concurrently you could try Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder blend of glandulars. Those are the ones my environmental doc first recommended and gave me a sample of (she also takes them herself). I noticed a diff w/ just a 2 day supply, in mood/energy. Adrenal Rebuilder has 5 glands including adrenal and thyroid plus hypothalamus, pituitary and gonad, so its quite well rounded. Its also very gentle to start w/ as it contains no natural hormones. Some people are so hormone depleted when they start treatment that they can't tolerate any stimulation w/ hormones at all, even natural.

  13. Jasmine

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    Glad you hear your adrenal treatment is going well. I've been treated for adrenal exhaustion for 8 years thru the Clymer Healing Center and I have improved by 50%. The main problem with me is that I'm addicted to sugar and enjoy coffee sometimes too. When I eat lots of sugar or have coffee (a definite no-no) I feel tired and have dark circles under my eyes. Also working on eating more protein and trying to reduce my love for carbs like pasta and bread.

    Recovering from adrenal exhaustion is so hard!

    Good luck!

    Love, Jasmine
  14. springrose22

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    I've tried to get to the Clymer website but I keep getting this message that it can't be found? Diagnostech doesn't have the stages of adrenal fatigue on it.

    Jeanne, I am thinking of getting the adrenal rebuilder from Dr. Wilson, haven't tried anything besides Isocort yet, and the more I think about it, I'm afraid that I might have a bad reaction to DHEA, or pregnenolone or hydrocortisone... I am not in very good shape at all. How long have you been taking Wilson's adrenal rebuilder? So, it's helping you then?

    Bigmama, I do manage to sleep, but that's because I take Ativan 1 mg. along with HTP 50mg. and some valerian root at bedtime. Sometimes, now I also take 1/2 of a Tylenol #2. If I don't sleep I am a WRECK. What the heck, I'm already a WRECK. I'm going to see the Naturopath tomorrow, he's the one who put me on Isocort. I don't know if he's as knowledgeable as I would like about adrenals, but he's a lot better than my MD!!! Marie
  15. bigmama2

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    SPRINGROSE- i just checked and their website IS up and running. their address is healing dot org. or do a search on clymer healing research center. i think they have the 7 stages on their website. also i know what you mean about when you dont sleep you are a wreck- me too.

    HI WOOFMOM! I am a "woofmom" too. (of a mutt from ze pound)

    NYROFAN- hello and thanks for reading! hope you are doing a bit better.

    Jeannie- wow, im glad it is helping you. please tell me a bit about your sleeping disorder and how the adrenal stuff is helping you. I frequently get ungodly insomnia (can't sleep till 5, 6, 7, 8am). i have been a major "night person" all my life. i have a hard time functioning in daylight hours due to the fatigue. BUT- this has been getting better lately!!!!!!!!!!!! I have actually had some days where i CAN sleep at 11pm and then I wake up at 8am and feel pretty good. for me this is like a miracle.

    JASMINE- hi, and thanks for chiming in!!! glad you are doing better. please tell me a bit about your experience w clyner and drs poesnecker and neville. and your adrenal "story". i am stage 5 (low cort all day long, normal dhea). been dealing w dr neville over the phone for a few months now. i like him very much. did you ever go to the center in PA? i only live one hour away, so i am considering going in. thanks.

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  16. bigmama2

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    just hoping springrose, nyro, jeanne, and jasmine will read.
  17. springrose22

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    I got the Clymer website finally. Quite informative. It looks as though I am stage 5 or 6. Saw naturopath today and got thyroid glandulars to take as well as everything else. He strongly suggested taking Vitamin B12 shots also, and I asked him if maybe that would be too strong for me too and make me worse, but he said no, he had never seen that happen. Anybody here been helped with B12 shots? I'm at the point where I'm trying not to get worse. Marie
  18. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    springrose- maybe ucan try a small dose of b12 in shot and see how you do?
  19. bigmama2

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    hi all! things are still "good". (a relative term!) good for me means i can sleep at night and wake up feeling decent and not exhausted. it means i can function in the morning. and stay awake during day (minus a 1 - 3 hour nap). and get some stuff done (household chores, take a walk, etc) and not feel like roadkill.

    I am by no means like a "normal healthy" person, who could work full time and take care of home and have a social life. (I used to be that person- 12 years ago.) but i am feeling hopeful! after years and years of getting more exhausted and disfunctional and spending more and more days in bed sleeping- NOW i am improving. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    This improvement is due to the adrenal supplements i am taking. i am positive. there is nothing else i am doing new.
    my brother is also doing better (depression and insonmia). i guess for us the adrenal connection is huge. i'm sure i will have some other areas to treat- thyroid, fibrinogen, lose weight,etc.

    well, thanks for reading, and i wish you improvement too!
  20. Slayadragon

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    So glad you're still doing well. Adrenal supplements probably were the best thing that I ever did for my own health. Fortunately, I did it a couple of months into my illness, and I think it's accounted for a good deal of why my illness has been only moderate all this time.

    i'm very happy for you.

    Best, Lisa