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  1. pepper

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    As many of you know, my BIL is dying of cancer at the age of 52. He has two kids both still at home and a loving wife. My husband's sister died in October, another brother a couple of years ago and now this brother. All from cancer. It is a rough way to go.

    However, prayers have been answered. My BIL has been talking about the afterlife, allowed his sister (who is a saint, I am sure) who works in hospice to visit him alone and talk to him about what is to come. He had one last Christmas with his family.

    Finally, his pain has been greatly reduced. Thank the Lord for all of these answers to prayers.

    Just thought that I would let you prayer warriors know what is happening. Thank you for your continued prayers.

    Love, Pepper
  2. bandwoman

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    I have prayed everyday that Cammie would make his peace with God and quietly go home. This has to be such difficult road for his wife and kids and siblings.

    How are you doing? What is the latest with the job search. That job that you thought might be the perfect job......what happened in that situation?

    Cath really needs prayers. She is having such a hard time and needs prayers for wisdom as she needs to make some tough decisions regarding her health care. She has been having really bad reactions to these injections and is afraid the dr on Monday will keep her on this stuff.

    I am having a hard day. I was hoping to get a mental break today and just try to have a fun day but I had a sleepless night worrying over the insurance issue when I found out the letter of medical necessity NEVER got to the insurance co. that I have been waiting on since Christmas. I am so frustrated and weary of it all.

    I have quite a bit of pain today and I am just going to lay down and forget the world for a while. I was going to drive to my dr's office and I am not sure if they are open. I have left several messages on their voice mail and their recording acts like they may not be in until Monday.

    It is so exasperating. I have had unbelievable computer problems at school that have about sent me over the edge. Then I come home to computer problems as well so I am overdosed on computers right now.

    I am still praying for your family every day and I sure hope your husband can get a job soon and Cam can go be with the Lord. I am so thankful that his pain is less than it was. That is truly an answer to prayer. I am praying that Mike will be successful at the University.

    You take care of yourself and try to have some time for just you if that is possible. Take care and know that someone is praying for you and cares about you.

  3. pepper

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    You are such a good friend to be praying for us in the midst of all your own problems. I prayed so hard that your computer at school would be fixed by last Mon. noon. I guess it wasn't. And computer problems at home too? There must be a computer flu going around. :-(

    I know how hard it is dealing with insurance companies. We have had our share of fights with them. But at least I had my hubby to be my advocate when I ran out of energy to fight. It must be so hard when you are on your own and know that you have to do it all yourself.

    I am praying for Cath. I know that she is having a terrible time but still remains so upbeat despite the pain.

    My DH is going through a really rough spell right now and I am ready to throw him out the window along with the computer. His sisters have all gone home. After they left, I found out that he told them that I had gone to my sister's place because my face was swollen and I was embarrassed! I could have killed him.

    He had asked me before I left what he should say to explain my absence. I told him to tell them that I was in agony (true) and was having a hard time talking with the problems in my mouth (true) and that I didn't want to put a damper on their visit by spending the whole time they were here in bed and moaning with the pain (true). He told them none of that, just that I was embarrassed by my swollen face! Not true!

    He has been a grouchy bear since I got home from my sister's place. Maybe the many visits to Cammie while they were all here really registered with him. I don't know.

    He has had three good job leads in the past week, including the one that I have been talking about since November. But he didn't make one follow-up phone call even though he said every day that he would. He finally got really cross with me on Friday and told me to leave him alone, that he'll do it when he is ready. Sigh!

    We really cannot afford for him to be without a job any longer. He has never had three good leads before and now the depression is getting in the way.

    The only thing that can help this situation now is prayer and I am praying and praying and praying. Do you think that God gets upset if we keep asking for the same thing over and over and over? I have been asking for 4 1/2 yrs and He doesn't seem to be listening.

    I appreciate any prayers you can manage. And I hope that you are able to have a quiet day and forget about some of this stress.

    Praying for you.
    Love, Judy
  4. Asatrump

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    May his trip across be quiet with no pain and let there be peace for all, especially those who love him. Those hospice people are wonderful blessings. I am sad this is all happening.
  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for your prayers for my BIL. We never thought that he would even see Christmas and here it is over a month later and he is feeling better. We just never know, do we? He wants it to happen soon and we all are hoping that it does.

    Love, Pepper
  6. pepper

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    Thank you for your prayers. This seems to be going on so much longer than we ever expected and is very stressful. Prayer is what will see us through.

    I do love that image of Cam passing surrounded by his family, being handed over to the arms of Jesus. I think that he has come to accept this finally and is ready to go.

    Love, Pepper
  7. webintrig

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    would have a change of heart. That is answered prayers from above.PTL!
    I will continue to pray that BIL will have great understanding for our Lord and his promise of eternal for us.
    Bless your sis for doing what she is doing for your BIL and PTL for this turnaround.
    I will pray for you,your family and his family as well. For comfort and for the Lord to send his angels down here for all your family members and especially your BIL to wrap their wings around each of you and to be with during this time.

    In christ love,

  8. pepper

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    Yes, my BIL's change of heart has to be a result of all the prayers that have been going up for him. A month ago he didn't want anyone talking to him about the afterlife. He also did not want this sister to come near him. He knew what she would want to talk to him about!

    He has softened, visited with all his family and has accepted the spiritual help from his sister. This truly is an answer to prayer.

    Thank you so much for praying for this.
    Love, Pepper