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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Well my friends, I heeded the advice of my vet and went straight to Petco and purchased a large bottle of Bitter Apple to apply to the furniture so Lucky kitty won't chew on the soft wood corners anymore. Hubby and I are anxious to resolve this situation since he is in the process of buying a new cabinet for the new man (translation big a**ed) TV he is purchasing. So I eagerly applied a generous coating of the bitter apple to the bookcase and sat on the sofa to see what Lucky would do. Sure enough, as is his habit, he quietly strolled into the den, climbed onto the chair, up onto the speaker, then jumped onto the top of the wall unit. Immediately, he started sniffing at the corners, running back and forth from one corner to the other, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. And then he started licking it like crazy. Apparently, he loves the stuff!! Can't get enough of it!! I reapplied a heavier coat of it, which he lapped up gleefully!! The vet and the Petco manager assured me all animals hate this stuff. So what now ? What am I going to do with this nut job cat? I guess I'll go to the lemon juice!!

    Peace (I need some!)--

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    Gee, I wish I could help you with your cat problem but I do not have any at the moment (caats or ideas). I just had to read your post though and cracked up when I read it. Your cat, I guess is a very strange one. I just can't imagine your kitty going crazy for the stuff on your furniture that is supposed to deter it. I feel guilty for laughing as I am sure it is not a good thing and you are trying to stop him from chewing on all your furniture.

    Sorry, but I have no suggestions.. Never heard of lemon juice but I hope it works. I guess you would try almost anything and I do not blame you.

    Let us know if you find something good that actually works. Hope someone comes up with a good idea that will work for your kitty.


  3. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Sorry, I can't help myself laughing. What would we do without crazy pets!

    The tobasco seems like a good plan.

    I wonder if the cat has mineral deficiency or pica.
    Maybe a crunchier pet food, or a piece of wood soaked in salt solution (or tuna fish?) might distract the cat. Good luck, your mr Bill
  4. lgp

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    I asked the vet about pica and/or vitamin deficiency and he said an emphatic no. And Lucky's catfood is the crunchiest kind they make. I guess my furniture is his crunchy dessert!!

    I will pick up lemon juice and tabasco at the store tomorrow. If it doesn't work, I guess I'm back to square one!! I know it is kind of funny, so I really don't mind you guys getting a laugh out of it. My husband is not laughing though!

  5. Rosiebud

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    laughing out loud here - how hilarious is that? Mr Lucky is not going to do what is expected of him....I hope the other mixture works.

  6. kbak

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    Hi Laura,
    Add cayanne to the rub and your cat isn't going to lap that up! You don't have to add very much. A little goes a long way.

    Take care,
  7. TwoCatDoctors

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    That sounds good, unless Mr. Lucky likes Mexican food and adds cayanne to his food dish daily!!!! This is one spicy cat!!!
  8. I'm having a NASTY problem with both of our dogs- and, we too, have tried all the "tried & true" recommended things, to stop the problem...

    Though- I'll admit, our vet gave us some stuff to TRY, but, told us, sometimes, NOTHING, other than catching our dogs in the act, and stopping it, every single time- it does not work..


    The way the vet told us, too... lol was... 'descriptive'.. but NASTY, the way he put it to us, even chuckling, to himself, but, he said, sometimes they just 'try it' and then it becomes like a 'delicatessen' (sp) for them! (EWWW!!)

    Our beagle/dachshund mix, didn't even start 'this' until she was around 2 yrs old... why? NO IDEA- our pug, for the first several months, even looked at her like "eww. what the HECK are you DOING!??" but, then began the behavior too.

    So, anyhow, we have tried stuff from petco, that contains Cayenne Pepper.. started our beagle/dachshund mix & our puppy (also a doxie mix - we lost my precious tiny pug, sadly, one year ago, as of Nov 15th, 1 yr after she'd developed seizures.. she was fine on her meds, then all of a sudden last yr, just went into competely uncontrollable seizures, for several days, and had to be put to sleep... :-(

    And, now, we've even tried PINEAPPLE- which we saw that "victoria stillwell' suggest to some people with the same problem with a labrador they had... she said they eat the poo sometimes, because they eat SO FAST (definitely our dogs!) that, they aren't chewing, well enough, thus... the food is tasting the same coming out, as it does going in..

    She told these people, Pineapple, for SOME reason, makes the poo taste nasty..

    Not to OUR dogs. UGH! We're just out of ideas altogether.

    Before trying the Petco stuff, with the cayenne pepper in it, we tried Pineapple- and it DID seem to curb them quite a bit..

    NOW- not just feeding them pineapple, I make sure to get the JUICE in their food bowls, which, I figure, not only softens their food, helping it to be digested, but, it also DOES make them eat slower...

    Yet, they are STILLLL doing it!

    The only other thing we can think of, is, trying the digestive enzymes Petco sells... since our puppy also has TERRIBLE, and CONSTANT, FOULLLLLLLL GAS! and both dogs burp, etc..

    The puppy though, I swear ( I know, go ahead & laugh) farts constantly! It is THEE foulest 'farts' I have EVER smelled- and trust me, my poor puggy had miserable farts after she started her anti-convulsant medications, and also frequent too.

    Both farts could run you out of a room, but, I do think the puppy's (Holly) farts, are even fouler than my pugs were.. (not sure... ) and they LINGER.. it's like the smell crawls up your nose, and stays there! (LOL)..

    It'll make you GAG.

    Hopefully some digestive enzymes could help with that- as much as she farts, & both dogs burp, etc... I think that could make the puppy's guts FEEL pretty bad too..

    Anyone who has any help for dogs eating their poo- I'm all ears for too..

    So, sorry, I've no suggestions for your cat- but I can definitely relate to the ODD behavior of an animal LOVING something everyone else tells you they will HATE.

    Our dog groomer had also recommended spraying bitter apple on my pugs paws, as she would lick them SORE sometimes, but, she warned that not all animals do find that stuff as repulsive.

    We never tried it with my pug though.. We knew better with her, even if she DID hate the taste, she was THEE most stubborn, and determined little booger I have EVER seen... She'd have licked her paws anyhow... period.

    Good luck.....

    I have seen on Animal planet, where a lady had a cat literally "addicted" to something, in the PAINT on her walls... yes, ADDICTED, she tried EVERYTHING too, including bitter apple, the cat licked the walls, for HOURS.

    The poor woman had to repaint her entire house, with some other kind of paint- I do not remember the outcome of *that*..


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