update on my Condition(s) and a few questions for you all

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    Hello everyone,
    It's been a REALLY long time since I have posted, but here goes: I have been OK for the past 4 years. My FM has been acting up a lil bit here and there, but other then that things are pretty good physically. Mentally, things havent been so good. In the summer of 2005 I had a psycotic break and was diagnosed with Bipolar Mania with psycotic itiations(Psychosis). I was in the hospital for 2 weeks in the psych ward. After two weeks of living hell they put me on an anti psychotic known as Geodon. That was over a year ago. Today I am well balanced and am doing pretty good.
    I am going to the Fibro and Fatigue Center of Detroit in about two months. I'm hoping and praying that they find something physiologically wrong with me so they can treat the underling symptoms of the FM. The FM makes it really difficult for me sometimes, but other than that I am coping quite well.
    The mental breakdown that I had really messed up my concentration. Today, I'm still suffering with concentration problems. It's really weird but I have to read with my mouth partially open. If I close my mouth and try to read, my tongue swerves around uncontrollably and I try to pronounce what Im reading. This happens involuntarily. It's really weird, yes, but this is the only way I can cope with the concentration problem.
    Going to school is really challenging; much more challenging than what a normal person faces every day. I'm going to the University of Michigan-Dearborn and this fall is my first semester there. I've done pretty well for myself grade-wise. I'm going in with a 3.85GPA and I got two scholarships.
    I'm just really afraid because I dont know if my FM is going to worsen or what. Also, I have my concentration problem to worry about as well. Basically, what I'm getting to is this: Are any of you going to college? How do you handle this DD while going to college? How do you manage ur stress? Have any of you been to the Fibro and Fatigue Center? What lifestyle changes have you made to accomodate for ur disease?
    I know my situation is a bit awkward because I have both a physical and mental problem, but I'm sure there are others out there in the same boat as me.

    I have one favor to ask of you: Please pray for me and I will pray for you most definitly! ;)
    I'm just REALLY nervous. I feel like I'm really out of my league at a university.
    The other thing I'm really nervous about is the public speaking aspect of going to college. Ya see, with the FM I get slurred speech really badly. I'm worried that if I have to give a presentation in front of the class, my words will come out all slurred up(how embarrassing would that be?) Anyway, I just wanted to vent tonight and give you all an update on my condtion(s). Please forgive me for rambling on, but i really needed to.
    God bless you all,

    Nathan Brown
    age 24
    location: michigan

    PS any feedback u provide will be GREATLY appreciated
    Thanks again
  2. Manaleon

    Manaleon New Member

    Well for the record, I think developing some sort of psychological problem is to be expected since it's such a dramtic change in the way we live; it's the intensity that varies. The good thing about this site, is you see you're not alone.

    As for everything else, I'm trying to be a full time college student, but ti's not really easy. I'm still waiting for some sort of final diagnosis, but after a few more things are tested, I'll be there. Last semester, I had to withdrawl from college because of all the physical symptoms, but also because I fell in to a state of depression. This semester, all the same symptoms are back, the depression isn't there constantly,luckily, and I've already had to make changes to my schedual. I manage my stress by talking to my boyfriend, who I feel very lucky to have. He's someone I can vent to, and a few other friends as well. Keeping your friends close throught this is probaly the best thing. This site is also a good place where we can vent and socialize.

    For the university part, I know my university has a center for students with disability. You might want to work with them. They can be a lot of help in keeping university from being overwhelming. You can also try talking to your professors. If a class requires a public speaking assignment, the professor might allow for you to give your presentation to only him or her, so you don't have to worry about the embarassment of speaking in front of a large group of people.

    I hope this helps.

  3. hugs4evry1

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    I'm not a college student...but I do have a daughter with psychological problems, she prefers to be called "psychologically challenged" and she also has FM.

    Have you ever been dx with ADHD or ADD? Just wondering because my husband also does a weird thing with his mouth and it reminded me of him.

    Now let's talk about the slurred speech. I looked up your medication Geodon and one of the signs of overdose is slurred speech. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Can you talk to your doc about this? Maybe your dose can be adjusted to see if it's causing the problem. I really haven't heard of FM causing slurred speech and I've had it for years and years.

    Do you feel like the University is the best place for you right now? Would your scholarships transfer maybe to a smaller college? Would you be more comfortable at a smaller school? Or are you just having the normal worries that any new college student faces?

    With my daugher we had to just drop the school idea until we can get her more balanced, on a med routine that works for her and see where it leads. Right now we need her to just focus on her health and well being and maybe someday the rest will follow.

    I know you have so much to be concerned about and this next advice will probably sound like I'm an idiot but....

    I'm only going to say what's helped me out tremendously lately...

    Are you on a really, really good multi vitamin? They sell some wonderful ones here at PH. Also, try to adjust your diet to include a bunch of seriously healthy nutritional items instead of junk food and chemically processed foods.

    For many of us, this seems to be a key to our well being, or at least a good place to start making changes that help us to feel better.

    I know there are others with similar problems to yours on this board and I hope they chime in with some good advice for you.

    Best of luck...


    Nancy B
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    u of m....go wolverines....i was born in battle creek, michigan...and so was my son...and his dad...

    i have went back to college... suggestion for you...contact the disability resource center...i have a note taker in some of my classes..math i do not...

    i had to drop my english class...because all of the typing...

    i have an academic scholarship as well...i am doing a midlife career change..i am so much worse off than when i was your age...

    read my bio..not exactly pretty, but i am trying to change..

    i wished if i could do things all over i would have went to law school...that is still a possibility..

    i don't know if you have hand or arm/shoulder or neck problems as well...but there is a voice activated program that i am takig instead of my english class that is why i dropped...

    so i could take that dragon speakingnaturally...the state voc rehab will get me a computer and software for better software programs...so i don't have to suffer so much..ice on my tennis elbow at night so much fun..

    my social security attorney that i used in 2004, she uses the above program...she doesn't use a paralegal...low overhead..uses her voicemail or answers her own cell phone...she has a lady come in and check messages helps out a little when the attorney is away on pleasure or such..

    you just may need to learn that program..i highly suggest it..

    i can not transfer any of my science courses, math, english, chemistry, because they are so outdated...i graduated from high school in 1983...i had taken my english transferrable to any u.c. level then in my senior year...

    oh well...i dont remember a whole lot...

    anyways..word w/drd dept...they can put you in a room to take your quizes/tests in quiet rooms and give you like time and a half to take your classes...

    hang in there...can you go part time and not lose your scholarships?

    check in...i need to get my body in bed...i need some sleep..

    klonopin helps w/that and my pain muscle spasms...

    what is your major may i ask? i would love to have my son play football there.. he went to football camp last summer...

    he is a junior this year in high school...

    bright kid...

    do they have a video gamming degree there yet? he would like to major in that..

    keep in touch

    m go blue

  5. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    hi nate!
    i also have both the physical and the mental thing going on. mine started with chronis headaches which lead to finding an unidentifiablt thing in my brain that is monitore with frequent mri's when i was 23. then about 3 years later i was diagnosed as bipolar and a year later ended up in the hospital for it. shortly after that all the fm symptoms really started and i was finally diagnosed with fm at the age of 32. it's been a long road.

    i think, at least from my own experience that you can manage both the physical and mental diagnosis and still keep it together. i feel the need to say that the most important thing is to stay on your meds no matter how you feel, even if you think your better you need to keep taking them. geodon is a good drug, i work as a nurse and i have a lot of patients who do very well on it. unfortunatly it didn't work for me, but seroquel did. also make sure you have very good dr's who communicate with each other and are willing to work together to help you.

    i think a good therapist is invaluable. so often with these conditions we don't have anyone we can talk to who understands what we are going through and we feel ssio isolated. having a therapist to talk to and share your problems and feelings with can be a lifesaver, at times even literally.

    the biggest lifestylechange i have made is when it comes to my job. i found a position with more flexibilty in the days that i work so i could work 2 days and then have one off to rest. also i only work a max of 4 shifts a week, that extra day off makes a world of difference. the other thing i try to do is some type of physical activity ech day. this is hard because of the fm pain, but i need to burn off some of the excess energy because i tend to run a little on the manic side most of the time and if i don't move, i don't sleep. so i adapted to physical activity to what didn't cause me a world of hurt, pilates, riding a bike, using an eliptical machine, and walking. all no impact with minimal stress to my joints.

    i hope you'll come to this board more often now that your back, and i hope my very long post helps at least a little. at least i can honestly say your not alone and i understand when your coming from.

  6. Natedagw821

    Natedagw821 New Member

    Well everyone, thank you all for the kind replies. To answer some of your questions: Well, my major is Computer Engineering. There is a LOT of math involved, but I enjoy every minute of it. I am going to UofM part time for the first year I attend. This is because my shrink wants me to go part time. She doesnt want a full load to interrupt my treatment plan.
    My current diag. is Bipolar Mania with psycotic idiations; no ADHD or ADD.
    And NO, I take absolutely NOTHING for the FM. I dont know what kind of supplements to get. I'm going to the Fibro and Fatigue Center of Detroit in the next few months; hopefully they can get me on somer eally good supplements.
    It's really nice to know that other people have the same problems that I do. It's a blessing, in a way, because we're all in the same boat. Thank you all, God bless you!

    My favorite saying from the Bible( It helps to get me through a day): "Let us run the race that is before us and NEVER give up."
  7. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Good for you for going to college!!!! Even if it is UofM. Just kidding, I am a Michigan State Graduate!!!

    I live in a northeastern suburb of Detroit, only 7 miles away from the FFC. Good luck with your treatment there. I love the staff there and the Dr. is really funny.

    I was also very nervous about public speaking in college. We had a lot of presentations, both group and individual. I usually did OK, but once I looked at my audience and suddenly forgot what I was saying! So embarrasing! Sometimes I am a very eloquent speaker, and sometimes I just blubber on and on. I just recently figured out it was from this illness! Hang in there!

    And I should note that most people are not good at public speaking and almost everyone gets nervous, even without a DD!

    Good luck and God Bless! Maybe I'll run into you at the FFC!
  8. Natedagw821

    Natedagw821 New Member


    You have been to the FFC of detroit? Have they helped you out a lot? Did they find something physiologically wrong with you? What kind of treatment are you on? I'm really looking forward to going to the FFC and I'm expecting GREAT things!

    Thanks a lot for your reply!
  9. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I just realized I spelled your name incorrectly last time, sorry about that!!

    Yes I am in treatment at Detroit FFC. They do extensive testing and found things to treat which was such a total relief after having been tested for over 13 years and drs telling me nothing was wrong!

    My main issue is Candida. I treat that with antifungals and diet. I also have hypothyroidism, unbalanced hormones, blood coagulation issue, adrenal fatigue, IBS, mycoplasma and chlymidia pnuemonia (not the venereal disease!) iron deficiency, as well as Chronic fatigue syndrome. I take lots of supplements which have helped.

    It has been a bumpy ride! I started in early May and then in June started to feel almost normal! It was so nice, I hadn't felt normal a long time. But now I have several active infections that I am battling, so although overall I am better, I am not as well as I was in June. But I plan to be there again, hopefully even better!

    Almost everyone experiences improvement at FFC, although I have heard of one or two (from this message board) who did not. There also seems to be varying amounts of improvement between individuals. I have had a good experience and am improving so I am very happy.

    Right now I am starting antivirals along with my other meds. I still get IV's and a gamma globulin shot every two weeks. The thought of IV's kind of freaked me out at first, I thought it was too weird, but they help me out so much, I'm glad I decided to get them.

    I have to say though, that it is not cheap!! I have an HMO and have to pay for everything, even the labs. If you have a PPO or other non-HMO plan, it will cover your labs and some other stuff as well.

    Good luck on your journey. Keep us posted!!

    I almost forgot to add that since going to FFC my concentration has definatly improved. They most likely can help you with this too which will help you with your studies.

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