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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Janalynn, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Good Morning my friends - wanted to pop on here real quick and give you an update to day one.

    First - thank you, thank you, thank you, for your positive thoughts and energy - it worked!!! No nap - I did Great!When he left at 5 to go to his hotel to rest, I did think I was going to collapse, so I did sit for a moment but laying down was out of the question as that makes me feel worse when I get up. So I had a cup of coffee and perked up.
    We even went out to dinner at 7:30 pm - do you know how long it's been since I've even been out of the house past 7 pm?!!!!!!!

    I feel pretty good this morning, a little achy and tired, I couldn't get right to sleep last night - I couldn't turn my brain off. This guy is so motivating. He has contagious energy. It felt so good to smile all day and laugh and "think"...although I must say I had a little trouble with that..had moments of complete 'fog' and I kept saying 'hmmm, let me think about that' :) (and get back to you when my brain returns)

    I even made my egg casserole last night when I got home from dinner for this morning. He'll be here around 10am (yea!! he didn't want to come over any earlier) We have a lot to accomplish today, but I am so excited to see him again. He leaves today at about 3.
    Then I have to go to my other job this afternoon which really $ucks as I'm not sure physically I'm going to make it BUT..

    Anyway- wanted to pop on and give you an update. I can't believe how good I feel(mentally)! I've already cleared my 'schedule' (ha) on Sat. as I know I will pay for this, but for now I'm enjoying. My legs are throbbing as I type this but I'm sitting on a heating pad at least with a smile on my face.
    Thanks again - oh and don't stop yet...I need ya one more day!!!!
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  2. victoria

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    I had a feeling once he was there, you'd have no problem...

    Yep, you'll probably have some down time aftrwards, but at least you'll be buoyed with all the wonderful thoughts about the prospects!

    all the best,

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