Update on my disability retirement

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teach6, Dec 16, 2002.

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    I called my SSDI attorney's office this morning and they gave me the number of another office that is willing to work with me on this. The attorney I spoke with was very familiar with CFIDS and NMH, my most disabling dx's. He was going to talk to his partner who has experience with the Virginia Retirement System.

    I have sent a fax to the VRS telling them I am appealing their decision and asking for copies of my entire file for my attorneys. I also spoke with my local retirement rep who was very supportive and suggested that I send everything through her office so she will know what they have this time.

    While I still feel frustrated I feel like I will have help with this. The thought of trying to do it all on my own is overwhelming to me.

    Once again I want to thank all of you who have given me such wonderful support over the weekend.

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    Hi Teach, Sorry about all youre going thru but glad you are continuing to fight. I applied for SSD back in July,I still havn't heard a word about being denied or anything for that matter. Like you I was sent to their psycologist and was asked stupid questions like counting back, must be a certain rote for these supposed psycologists.I wish I could video my daily routine for a week and see what they say then. Its gotten so hard to get SSD because there are lots out there that don't need it so it makes it harder for those that do. Keep on trying because when or if I get turned down I will get me a lawyer. Go for it Girl. Terri
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    Boy you didnt spend much time getting it out of your system befor getting up and starting to kick back. Good for you. You could always tell them if they wont retire you then they need to give you a job and listen to the complaining parents when you cant do a decent job. Give em he--.
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    You don't think they would like a teacher who fell asleep during class, couldn't remember what she was talking about mid-sentence, didn't know how to teach math any more? Hmmmm, What's wrong with you? LOL