Update On My Doxycycline Treatment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. Mikie

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    I've posted this in responses but thought I would put it under its own post. As y'all know who have been following my year-long saga with the Doxy treatment, I have finally been able to go two weeks off the Doxy without CFS symptoms. Dr. Nicolson told me, in answer to a question I e-mailed him, that I should quit as soon as I could without symptoms. With all due respect for the good doctor, I'm not sure it's that simple. Therefore, I am doing one last six-week pulse before quitting.

    The reason? Because my own immune system seems to have had a rebound effect and I suffered two Herxheimer Effects AFTER stopping the Doxy. I do not believe this is a healthy situation as it can lead to an autoimmune response. This is what I fear more than anything else. In my mind, it is no accident that many with Lupus and MS also have FMS. Dr. N, himself, has published about the potential of an autoimmune response when the immune system recognizes the body's own DNA attached to the mycoplasmas.

    I now realize that this treatment is getting more and more attention and for that, I am happy and grateful. More and more people here are on the ABX treatment. If there is anyone here who has completed the treatment, it would be very helpful to us if you would post about your experience. I do not believe enough people have been through the entire treatment protocol for us to know the effects of going off the ABX.

    Madwolf updates us on his and his wife's progress on a regular basis as does Jelly. I have also tried to do this and will continue to as I grope my way along. I am planning on getting the PCR DNA test at the end of May to determine whether any of these critters remain in my system. I will most likely follow up with another test six months from then.

    This is very exciting for me personally because I believe what we do here as patients in the relatively new treatment will help determine future protocol for using ABX in the treatment of our illnesses. I also ask your prayers as I wind down on the treatment that it doesn't trigger an autoimmune response. Thank you, all my friends. Your interest and support have meant the world to me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie
    I have been following your posts on the ABX series. I really hope it is a great success as it might benefit some of the rest of us someday. I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't get a autoimmune response. I will even say a prayer or 2 and hope someone up there hears me. Lots of luck Mikie and thanks for sharing with all of us other CFS/Fibromites.
    Have a painfree day,
    Sandy (Cass)
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    Mikie, have you felt a lot better on the doxy? I have had a lot of infections the last year and have been on a lot of antibiotics..i had noticed that i felt much better while i was on them..then, when i read some of the posts about treatment with doxy..i felt like it wasnt just my imagination..i am going to ask my dr about it...i am so tried of the pain and the weakness that i am willing to try anything at this point...good luck on getting off them...at this point in my life, i dont really care if i am addicted to anything as long as i can enjoy life...hugs..Mary fran
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    Again, I appreciate all your good wishes.

    Mary Fran, yes, I did feel better on the Doxycycline. There are only certain drugs which are effective against the mycoplasmas. I also felt better after a few days when I quite the Doxy; I'm just making sure by doing one last pulse. My chronic sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, low-grade temperatures, fluish feeling, IBS, and migraine-type headaches all went away when I started the ABX treatment.

    Love, Mikie