update on my elbow surgery

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    i thought for sure it was today...not till next thursday...ok fine i admit it i am a blonde. tired as well...

    but tomarrow for sure i have my 10:30 am appt for my elbow consult...then i get to try to figure out when and what the recovery time frame is...

    then from there i get to see if the cortisone shots will help my carpal tunnel...if it does then i get my surgery if it doesn't help then...he said he would hold off..because he wants to be able to see what type of outcome i can get from surgery..

    then from there...i will need to try to really zero in on a major based on my physical problems..


    i come back on the 1st of december...he will schedule me surgery during winter break...he said i could not at all use my hand arm...for like 5-6 weeks...i was told there is a about 50-60% chance this will help....but he wanted to see if this would clear up possibly by december and if not...then he is more than happy to do my surgery...

    and said he is a surgeon and loves to do surgery...

    he said i know you probably don't like it..i said i am used to surgery i have only my vital organs.

    he said see how dragon speakingnaturally helps and how my classes go and let see if this will get better or not..

    my guess is not!

    but atleast i figure i have nothing to lose at this point w/surgery...

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    ...so what's my excuse???!

    I will be interested in what your doctor says, Jodie. I think I posted you before on how I have cubital tunnel (like carpal tunnel, but in the elbow) on both sides. I've had surgery---twice---on the right elbow because the first time things didn't go well. The second time I had a new doctor who tried to fix the first botched attempt, but could only do so much (and only some of the problem I attribute to my first doctor---a lot of my problems arose from the scar tissue that formed around the nerve, and really no doctor can predict how much scarring will form, but that definitely affects proper healing).

    ANYWAY, I have been left with permanent numbness in my little and ring fingers (which I did NOT have prior to surgery) and intermittent pain (but more pain than I had originally). I will never do the surgery on the left elbow, after my experience with the right one.

    I KNOW this type of surgery CAN be successful, so please don't think I'm trying to scare you with my little horror story---and frankly, since getting Leukemia this year, believe me, my elbows are small potatoes to me now---I'm just suggesting you research your doctor's record with this type of procedure well beforehand. Also check out finding a certified hand therapist (CHT) for rehab afterward (not just a garden-variety phys. therapist). CHT's rehab a lot of elbow cases, they really can help get you functioning again.

    Okay, sorry I wrote a book! Anyway, good luck to you, and keep us posted on what you find out.

    And why in the heck do they call it the "funny" bone, anyway??? Nothing funny about it, if you ask me!!!

    Pam (formerly a Marinite, like you)
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    i will let you all know the update on friday's appt..wow that is tomarrow....i'll make that one..

    so far i know it is tennis elbow...and that one has gone on too long..

    so i'll let you know what else this elbow specialist will say about my elbow..

    i know the back part of the elbows, yes both hurt also...they said don't use the right one...well whatever..

    i just thought here i am in a hurry trying to do a million things...and i come to an appt for no apparent reason..i guess i just like seeing the inside of the building.

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    it is so funny that you had posted....i was thinking of you earlier either coming or going from school yesterday and meant to put out a post for you....

    i couldn't remember what your degrees were in...exactly...and i know you are going to grad school....

    so what is it that you want to do when you grow up?

    i know you are very wise w/your age and experiences on this earth...so you know i am kidding about the question above..

    i know you were working out of your home some, right?

    you are an inspiration to me...if you can put around on your scooter or w.c. then i can do it too..

    the eops counselor said to me yesterday...now don't think about taking statistics and calculas yet...cause i told him i have been doing research on psych degree...etc..i said i just am not sure if my brain will allow me to function that way...

    he said one thing at a time...and i mentioned about if i go through w/masters degree on psych...i said i will be nearly like 47 years old...

    he said think about what are you going to be doing when you are 50 years old? i said true......

    so i guess i shouldn't care on how long it takes me to get to where i would like to be...

    it saddens me that i didn't think, of myself when i was a youngster when the brain cells were functioning far more...than now...

    i used to remember appt's and dates in my head...

    infact i would remember peoples ss#'s by their face when they would come into my office needing security clearance to be in a federal building etc...in washington d.c.

    people used to love that though...so i got most of the flow of people running in my direction...

    that's another disappointment in my life...boy if i were still working for them...the money i would me rolling in...but hb's military transfer nixed that job...if i divorced him back then i would be saying how much do you need...to people...

    oh well life is what it is for whatever happens, has happend for a reason...