Update on my hemorrhage...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MiahRoo, Aug 27, 2003.

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    If you remember, a few days ago I had an awful hemorrhage. Well it happened again..not quite as bad. I went into the doctor and had some tests. She couldn't find anything wrong. We even did a pregnancy test to see if perhaps I was having a 'bad' pregnancy but I go my results today and they were negative. I have no idea what to do. She told me not to have sex of any kind with or without a partner for a week. It's been 24 hours and I'm already getting frustrated with that! But the point is...I just don't know what this was all about and it scares me a little that there is no answer. She thought perhaps my body was just trying to get rid of some toxins. She found no cuts or rips or anything. No infection. My uterus felt normal and I had no pain anywhere. Why is it that whenever something goes wrong with my body the doctors can never find anything wrong?!
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    Have you been taking any ginseng or anything that has gensing in it?? In some women it will make them do just what you are doing, just a thought.
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    Listen to the doctor and if it happens again then have it checked out again.
    Do abstain from sex cuz should something be irritated in there give it a week to quiet down. The mini hem. might not kill you but stressing over it will.

    Many years ago I had a neighbor and everytime her navy husband went out to sea for a long deployment she would land up in the er with uncontrollable vaginal bleeding. She would get herself so stressed out and that is where her body displayed to stress. They would patch her up and she would be just fine till he would go out again and then all over again. This went on for many years.

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    the refraining from sex part could be because the bleeding might be coming from your cervix. I am no dr, but I know that an irritated cervix can bleed.
    I don't ever get bleeding mid cycle, but just before I fell pregnant with my last child I bled around ovulation time.
    Had no idea what was going on, but turned out that I had an irritated cervix.
    Hope that you get some answers soon.