Update on my hi calcuim protocol

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kar1953, May 18, 2003.

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    Hi all! I just thought I'd post an update on how I'm doing with the hi calcium protocol. I think I was herxing on Friday evening & all day Sat. Today I felt great when I woke up other than my usual back ache.

    I started taking 1 oz./day on this past Wed. Yesterday I took 1 1/2 oz. & today 2 oz. There is a lot of Mag. in the stuff so I must take it with food in my stomach or it will give you the scoots. Tusts me - it's true! LOL I had to prove they were right!:)

    The calcium is supposed to get my body back to it's proper PH balance. Wed. when I checked, the litmus paper read 6.0 & today it read just under 7!!! This makes me very happy. I'm getting very tired of drinking lemon water & I've all but given up my tea which was the hardest thing I've ever done!!

    The 32oz. bottle was quite expensive ($40.00) BUT - once I am very alkaline I can quit taking it & just take the liquid nutrients called Body Balance ($20/32oz.). I am currently taking both. I am to take 2 oz. of Body Balance for 1 month & then cut back to 1 oz./day.

    Eventually, this protocol is supposed to reverse the symptoms of fms.(or any other disease). If I quite taking the Body Balance, the symptoms will come back.

    I saw a program today that stated that if your body is deficient in calcium, it will cause sleep problems. Last night I slept for 6 1/2 hrs. straight through WITHOUT taking my sleep med.! jCan't remember the last time that happened.

    I haven't been this excited about anything in a long while & it feels so good to have such hope for a better tomorrow.

    Sorry this was such a long post, but I really hadn't noticed anything different until Fri. evening.

    I'll keep you posted on my progress.

    Take care........Kathi
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    and wanted to wish you good luck with your endeavor to get well. Have a good week!! Granmakitty12
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    I'm glad I read your post, I just finished reading I think it was either in Goldstein's piece or St. Armand's about the breaking down of calcium that is overabundant. So I'm wondering does this mean I shouldn't be taking calcium or do I take calcium and then something else so it doesn't , for a better word "glom" on to me?
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    Baybe, I'm not sure what you mean by breaking down overabundant calcium. Here's what I've been told about it. In pill form our bodies only absorb about 10%. In liquid form our bodies absorb about 98% give or take a few persents. So maybe what you were reading was telling you how to break down the calcium you aren't absorbing if you are taking pill form?? I don't know. I just thought our bodies expelled it in one form or another.

    I just know I'm going to stick with it at least 6 months to give it a fair shot. Our bodies did not get in this shape overnight & it's not going to reverse overnight. Now comes the test of my patience!

    Take care.......Kathi