Update on my Hockey Playing Son PTL

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Thank you so much to all who prayed for my son who had pneumonia. A couple of weeks ago I posted that it would take a miracle for him to recover enough to go to Europe to play hockey for Canada since he leaves on March 13.

    Well, prayer warriors, there has been a miracle here once again. David is now 80-85% better and is very excited to be leaving for Europe tomorrow.

    This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so happy that he will not miss it.

    Will you please continue to pray for his recovery and that he has a safe trip?

    Thank you all!
    Love, Pepper
  2. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I know that he will make us cannucks proud. Go Team Canada. We are the best!!!
  3. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Go, Canada, go!!

    How are you? Where are you? I searched for a post today to find out if you are in hospital or not and what is going on but couldn't find it. I will search again when I get out of my email. I so hope that you are better and the swelling has gone down.

    Love, Judy
  4. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Everything is such a mess. My feet are so swollen now I can't get my shoes done up. It is so embarassing. I got fed up on Thurs. and called my rheum. The secretary said she had been out sick all week and won't be back until Tues. pm and probably won't phone until Wed. and the secretary had no idea what I am talking about UGH!!! On top of it all I have bronchitis and am on a high tech antibiotic and another inhaler.I have pulled the muscles on the lt. side from coughing.Just keeps getting better all the time.lol. I am getting nervous as my body is getting more tired. Oh well God knows what He is doing.
    How are you doing? Are you feeling better? Are things settling down for you? Keep in touch.
  5. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    Since he is playing Europe.....Go Canada. LOL That is a true miracle. I will continue to pray for David. That is an experience of a life time. PTL

  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I am so sorry that things haven't got any better for you. I thought you would at least be in hospital by now and the doctors would be investigating this. I will up my prayers for you, dear friend.

    And you still reach out to others. What a sweet person you are, Cath.

    Things are settling down for me finally. DH is still struggling with Cam's death but I think that is because his sister died so soon before Cam and he didn't have time to grieve for her. So it is all catching up to him and I am trying to just let him be for awhile.

    Praying for you.
    Love, Judy
  7. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I do believe that this is a miracle and am so thankful to the prayer warriors once again.

    He is excited about seeing countries in Europe where he has never been and staying in a 5 star hotel for free. And of course his first love - playing hockey.

    I think just about everyone here can cheer for Canada since they are playing Finland and Estonia!

    Did you get your letter done?

    Love, Judy
  8. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    So glad you shared this with us pepper

    God Bless you and your son.


  9. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I forgot to ask. What number is your son? When does the series start? I have to have a claim to fame here lol.
    Take care.
  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    So many prayers are answered from this board, I am always excited to share it so that we all know God is listening!

    Love, Pepper
  11. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I embarrassed to say that I don't know what my son's number is - and I even tried on his jersey! However, he is one of the goalies and I think there are only two of them. He is the good looking one. ;-) With a mop of curls on his head.

    They have their first game on Saturday - 7 games in 7 days. I can email him starting on Saturday and he will let usknow if we can see the games on the computer. He thinks they might be televised over there but not here.

    Please don't tell me that you are still at home! I will have to get onto the board and check. Our computer has been down for a couple of days so I have not been able to keep up.

    I sure hope that you are doing better.
    Love, Pepper
  12. pepper

    pepper New Member

    It is so nice to hear from you! I have been wondering how you were doing since I haven't seen you around lately. I gather you have been having a rough spell. How is your hubby doing with his job?

    I am still flaring from all the stress but I am trying to remember that it has only been a month and I don't recover quickly from things. I took my aunt shopping the other day for an hour. I came home and went to bed and didn't get up for two days. So my stamina must still be way down and I have to be patient. Hard for me to do.

    I am very proud of my son! Before he left on Tues., my DH (his stepdad) called him to wish him a safe trip and good luck, etc. David just couldn't contain himself. He said, "Dad, can you believe I'm playing for CANADA? Thank you for all those 5 and 6 a.m. practices you took me to all those years. It all led to this." We all cried. He makes us both proud.

    I hope that life calms down for you, Pam.
    Love, Pepper