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    My job is not stresssful but the coworkers that grace my presence every weekday are. A few weeks ago after a confrontation I had a Dr's appt and my blood pressure was 160/100 the highest its EVER been. I am usually an on the money girl. I am now on high blood pressure meds along with my anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, sleep meds, and diabetes meds.

    On Fri my boss's boss (Phillip) was in our office. My group was pulled into a meeting and told all the petty bickering has got to stop or someone is going to lose their job. He asked if anyone had anything they wanted to get off their chest. Everyone attacked me. Bring up things that are several months old from back before I got my pain under control. They have held my crankiness against me. I actually had 2 people say they feared for their safety because of me. One of them said that they were afraid of me because I would come in and drop my purse and keys and grumble about my 3 yr old ADD son. So because my son was being difficult in the mornings before we had him on meds she is afraid of me,(She also has told me that she has issues with me having my son on meds for ADD). I did attack back but it was pretty much 3 out of 4 against one the 4th didnt defend me but she did say our problems are dealt with. I was told that it was 60/40 my fault (of course they didnt say one thing about my apologies) and I was too humiliated to really defend myself. I ended up having an anxiety attack in front of the bosses and being sent home for the day.

    Fri afternoon I had a follow up with my Dr. We decided that I am to take a xanax in the morning and at noon so that I can be calm during the day. He also suggested I look into the book "Meditation for Dummies". I went and got the book and think its not gonna hurt for me to try.

    Do any of you meditate? Does it seem to help? Anyone have a job that i can sit on my big butt and do nothing but look like myself?
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    Sometimes people don't know when to be silent. I feel for you having to deal with these inconsiderate people. I'm sure your nerves are on edge from all the cards that life has dealt you.

    They all ought to have to stand in your shoes for a day and see how calm they are. Sounds like you are doing a darn good job to me. If you can still manage to go to work on top of everything else that says a lot about you.

    You are a strong person. Everything will be ok. Just give it a little time and things will probably blow over. HUGS!!!

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    Things can change and peoples feelings will also. Just be the best you..you can be. Only report on the god things.

    That does not mean that you tap dance into the office with your top hat and cane. Just be you. They will see that you had went through a bad period of time and forgive and forget, really!

    My DH used to tell me.....if you are unhappry with a job or any situation.....wait 6 months and it will be entirely different and/or solved. Much changes in 6 months periods.

    Pray, relax and reflect on the goodness of life. Yes, there is many, even for us.

    I also agree with kriket.

    Gentle Hugs and many blessings.....Susan
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