Update On My New Doctor He’s A Fibro Believer

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FibroPainSufferer, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    I hope you’re all feeling & doing well! I promised that I would keep you all up to date on what was going on with my wonderful new doctor.

    Last night was my first test, it was a neural scan that was done on areas of my body from my waist down. I go back in 3 weeks to have my upper body done. I was diagnosed with fibro by a previous doctor but the only thing he ever did as far as testing was to just touch the trigger points with his fingers so I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t painful at all & it’s just a pencil like thing that is placed in different areas & you have to tell the person when you feel the tingling sensation from it. On the right side of my body I felt it pretty quick but on the left side it took forever. At one point I thought that maybe the machine had stopped working. The whole test lasted about 5-10 minutes. Then as I was leaving the office the receptionist told me that the doctor wanted to see me & she took me back into his office. He didn’t perform the test, a nurse did, so I didn’t see him until he walked into his office. He wanted to know how my pain was & if the medicines he put me on were helping. I was once again VERY impressed because he had a waiting room full of people but he wanted to see how I was feeling. I didn’t even have an appointment with him! I told him that I was definitely feeling better but that I still have some very painful days. He then asked ME what I wanted to do with my medicines. I was shocked! A doctor who actually cares & trusts!!! I can’t tell you how incredible this man is!!! When I told him that it took a long time for me to feel the tingling from the neural scan on my left side, he said that’s a sign of significant nerve damage. I am just so impressed with his compassion & concern for not wanting me to suffer. He did say that since I’m considered to be under pain management now, that I would have to sign a form. It basically said that if you abuse the medicines in any way, then he has the right to detox & stop the medicines. I guess this is his way of saying, I’m going to trust you but if you do anything to break that trust, then your treatment is done. We then talked about the way people abuse these medicines. When we were done talking, we got up & he walked me to the door of the waiting room, opened it for me & told me to take care. Wow!!!

    I can’t remember who it was but in one of my previous posts, someone best described him as a “doctor who loves doing what he does” & that is so accurate!!! But I do have a question for anyone who reads this, I forgot to ask him last night & that is...if you have nerve damage, is that a sign of Fibromyalgia?

    Once again I hope you’re all doing well & I’ll keep the updates coming because he treats people with fibro & is part of some sort of Chronic Pain Association & keeps up with all the new treatments.
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    You are VERY lucky! I am so happy for you. How did you find him??? I live in South Florida...and looking for anyone who will help me with my disability and treatment. I have a rhuemy and internist. They both dx me with FMS but say they do not know how to treat it...nor will they get involved with disability.

  3. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Yay for you, its always good to hear when someone finds a good doctor!! Where is he? I want him too! Seriously, what state are you in? I like my rheumy and I think he is going to help me get my SSDI though I haven't seen him too many times, hes always helpful I went to him after an absence of 2 years last week, was very shaky and weak, and admitted to trying another rheumy but liked him better and so I was back. As the appt. ended I blurted out that I was applying for SSDI and said I had all my sx listed and reasons I couldn't work, I asked him if he would copy them, he did and said when they send him something he will deal with it. I guess that means he will help? He is hard to read, very queit type. I was in hear hysterics, afraid he'd reject the idea. I feel better now.
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  4. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    And I thank God everyday for this doctor!!! My mother-in-law sees him for her fibro & since he’s an hour away from me & in the city, I didn’t go to him at first. I went to see a doctor in my town but as my pain got worse & the doctor wasn't helping me after 5 months of feeling like I’d rather be dead then face another day of pain. I asked my husband, who sees him also, to get me in to see him since he’s not taking new patients. My husband & I are currently separated but he did make a phone call to my new doctor & asked him if he would see me & he said “of course"!

    Right now he’s saying I have “possible fibro” until all the tests are done but I do know that my mother-in-law takes medicine, gets facet injections (I think that’s what they are called) and she does physical therapy. She's had fibro for over 10 years.

    I’m trying to pass along any info I get from him with the hopes it will help someone else because I know what it’s like to have a doctor who doesn’t know what to do with you & doesn’t care.

    Good luck with the disability!!!
  5. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    When will there be a time when people with fibro don’t have such a hard time getting disability? Since I joined this site, I have read over & over again the struggles people face, yet fibro is one of the most painful things. If it wasn’t for my medicines, I wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed.

  6. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    Hi FibroPainSufferer~~

    I like when you keep giving us updates on your visits with your new Dr. as it helps me feel better knowing there is hope for alot more people out there. And for you knowing how hard it was in the beginning and how you felt going to him that first time!

    I see you talked about your Dr. working for the Chronic Pain Association and keeps up with the newest treatments. This is wonderful, as I too work for the Americanpainfoundation.org, along with now just working part time being a psychologist. And I've learned alot from doing both now, but mostly the chronic pain site and trying to help people get the support they need. Which isn't easy these days with the government coming down on narcotics and mostly for fibromyalgia patients.

    But you asked about nerve damage being a part of fibromyalgia. From my experience no would be the underlying answer. It would be a cause and affect theory, where it is brought on because of overuse or an accident. You might have pinched a nerve or have an impingement injury, like your back disks being pinched against a bulging disk pressing on the nerves. Or perhaps any other nerve damage caused from arthritis for instance. So, inderectly it might be caused from something like that, but not directly related to just being a factor of fibromyalgia. Does that make any sense to you? Hehehe...I'm not very good at explaining myself down on paper, but I hope you get my point a little.

    It would be like an overworked area of tendons, ligaments, muscles that might cause a neuroma (lump of tendons) or neuropathy, impingement like we get with our tender or trigger points. Does that make more sense?

    Oh well, I'm trying here my dear...maybe I better just give up and perhaps have your Dr. explain it to you!!LOL!!

    But I did want to tell you how happy I am that you now have yourself a wonderful Dr. who works with you and not against you in your treatment choices, and treats you with the respect you so deserve!! And hopefully now you can live a somewhat normal life free of pain and frustration, and for that I'm grateful and happy for you!!
    Have a sparkling day and do enjoy your newfound freedom from your pain!
    Gentle hugs,
  7. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    I really do appreciate your kind words & I did understand you when you explained the nerve damage. I did have a car accident almost exactly 4 years ago. But it was only a few months after I fell on my left side that I really started having problems. I won’t get into all the ugly details but my soon to be ex-husband pushed me & when I fell, I landed on a small filing cabinet, a dog gate & a few other things. I had bruises all down the left side of my body & my ribs hurt so bad that I went to my family doctor to have them looked at. So now I’m wondering if the car accident followed by the fall, caused the nerve damage. It would make more sense.

    Thank you again for your response! I hope you are doing very well & having a nice weekend!!!
  8. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I am so happy that you found a good doc. It will help your mood too to have someone you can talk to and they actually listen and CARE.
  9. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    I wish that I could take everyone on here, that is dealing with a doctor that is not helping them, to see my new doctor. No one should suffer in pain! I feel like I got some of my life back & I wish the same for everyone who is suffering!!!
  10. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...I'm so glad to see a thread about a GREAT doctor who listens, who is dedicated, who "gets it". Too often the posts are about the doctors who don't, and while I will grant you, there are MANY of those out there, there are definitely great doctors out there in many, many specialities, who are worthy of our trust and confidence.

    I'm so glad you've found a great one, who gives you new hope for getting excellent care.

    Good for you! Keep us posted...

  11. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    Thank you Pam, I will keep everyone posted on the tests he does, information I learn, etc...

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