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    Some have asked that I continue to post on my progress on my high liquid calcuim & liquid nutrients protocol. So here are some new things I've notice.

    Several weeks ago I posted about my funky fingernails that had horizontal ridges big as mountains. Now there are 3 nails that I cannot feel any ridges on & the rest I can still feel but they are very small compared to what they were.

    Also, my toe nails are much better. My nails were splitting & breaking so bad that some toes barely had any nails at all.

    My pain is less & energy is way up. Last night I mowed the back yard. I actually did the trim around the trees & also 1/4 of the trees in the orchard with my self-propelled mower. Never had the energy before & couldn't do it anyway due to the pain.

    After trimming, I got on the rider and mowed for 1 hour, then quit for dinner, then mowed for another hour. I mowed the whole back yard - by myslef!! A year ago I would have said big whoopie to that statement. Today it is a milestone for me.

    I did have problems with my lower back later but I think it was because of bending over to mow under all the trees in the orchard. Of course I had to listen to a lecture from hubby!:) But - now I know that I will have to leave the orchard for him.

    Today I feel ok. Not great, but ok. It's damp & rainy (for the I don't know how many days in a row) & my neck & between shoulder blades are achey.

    All in all I am so pleased & excited about how well I am doing! Just improving some is enough to give one hope for all the tomorrows to come.

    The best part of this report is that yesterday & a couple of other days in the last week I TOOK NO PAIN MEDS. The only thing I took yesterday was my Klonopin for good sleep which is definately a key to the whole getting well process.

    That's about it for this week.

    Take care.......Kathi
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    I would also like toknow what you are taking. I do take a liquid supplement called Pure Synergy and it has deffenetely helped with my fatigue about 60%, but I am always open for researching other products. I am getting ready to start the vitamin drink that is made from the same company.

    God Bless
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    manufactured by Life Force Intl. The liquid calcium is called Osteoprocare & the liquid nutrients are called Body Balance. I order it directly from the company. I have noticed that some of the health food stores around my area carry it but it costs about $8 more/qt. than what I pay.

    As with all products, there will be some who say the stuff is no good. Maybe not for them, but it is giving me my life back inch by inch. For as much improvement as I've seen in myself (& others have seen in me), you couldn't pay me enough right now to stop taking it!

    Take care.........Kathi
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    that my nails also feel stronger than before. They always broke or split once they got a little long. We'll see what happens now.

    Also forgot to mention (am I in a fog or what)that I am sleeping straight through the night from 10pm when I go to bed till 5:15 when my alarm goes off. Before the Body Balance & Osteoprocare, even with my Klonopin I woke up 2-3 times every night - usually at the same time.

    Take care.......Kathi