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    I saw my rheumy today. She is wonderful! She examined my hands and is sending me for an MRI. She got the report from the hand doctor saying I have VERY MILD carpal tunnel and arthritis. The x-rays he took came back normal. So she wants to see if there is anything else that can be causing the pain. She told me to have the MRI done at around 5:30, after I'm done working, so my hands will be in the most pain. I hate to say this, but I hope they find something. I can't take this pain. It's really getting to me. Sometimes I think I'm making all this up - I can't be in this much pain. It just doesn't seem real. When I feel fine I forget what the pain is like, but when it hits me, then it seems the worst! And it always hits somewhere else. One day its my hips, another day my hands, another day my feet, etc. etc. etc. On and on and on. I'm trying to enjoy life and not let this get in the way. The whole thing sucks! And if one more person tells me that "this is what happens when you get older" - I think I'll punch them in the face!

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    First, Annette,I am sorry for your pain, and second, I do hope they can find something wrong, because I know EXACTLY how you feel! I also feel like punching someone in the face when they tell me "this is what happens when you get older." Grrrr, I am so sick of hearing that. I go in for a myelogram on my back in a few weeks and as much as I do not want to go, I am going because I want them to find something wrong and even if that means surgery, which terrifies me beyond words, at least it is something and not all in my head or just getting older and hopefully it will help bring me some relief to some of this pain. I, too, cannot live with this pain any longer, I just cannot do it. It is just too much when it seems it is all over your body.

    Hugs to you honey, I hope you find some answers soon!
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    with you Annette. It's frustrating to have obvious symptoms and then they find nothing.

    It has amazed me to read my medical records when I've seen the doctor for something that is extremely painful to me, even while on medication and the doctor will dictate that I'm having mild to moderate pain. Does he really want me in there screaming & crying the way I feel. You do try to stay composed. I wish they could feel the "mild to moderate" pain they so describe. Of course, I didn't know any of this until the last six months when I requested my records after moving across the country.

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    Isn't it awful that you WANT them to find something wrong? I told my doctor today that I have a pretty high threshold for pain, and I wouldn't be there if the pain wasn't horrible. Also, I'm not a "drama queen" and hate carrying on. When I had my hysterectomy in November they were trying to put an epidaural in me. I started freaking out and shouting "I'm scared, I'm scared". All the while I was doing it I couldn't believe it was me doing that! So I don't go into doctor's offices and over-dramatize. I also told her the pain makes me nauseous! Fortunately she's really sympathetic and believes me. I hope we all can get relief one of these days!!!!

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    I have a problem with my Sacrum, and I have OA along with the FMS/CMP, so I hurt a lot of the time, 24/7.

    Everynow and then it Hurts so bad, I just know there must be something else wrong, something that can be Fixed.

    My Orthopedic Doc., always takes the time to look at me, do an x-ray, to make sure I didn't break anything or that he's not missing something.

    Then he comes back in the room with, "Well the Good new is, there's Nothing Surgerly wrong, the bad new's is it's the FMS and CMP and OA, and all the other body part's.

    You would think that with this much Pain something would be Visiable, but nope, nothing New, again.

    No your not Crazy or Making it up and you shouldn't feel bad or Guilty, If they don;t find anything. It's not fun when they do find thing's, I hope your Dr. finds nothing, wait till they do, yuck!

    I maybe headed for Neck surgery, cause this time the Pain has been non-stop for 3 weeks, and I can't see the Neruo till the 20thof this month.
    The Nurse told me to Hang in there, I laughed and said yeah right!.

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    Hi Annette2,
    Im soo sorry to hear what youre going through,you must feel like kicking,sreaming, i know that feeling especially when you yourself know somethings wrong.
    Good luck with results of MRI & i really hope your Rheumy Doc finds out whats causing you this agonising pain.
    Youre in my prayers now & always.
    Take care honey
    THere are now so many Sharons on here im using Shazza now as thats what all my mates call me.
    Very gentle hugs