Update on my surgery

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    Thank you all for praying for us. The surgery was Friday morning. It went really well. I felt great on Friday, you would have hardly knew I had surgery. Saturday I was in a lot more pain and I had a really bad headache.
    The doctor repaired some tears in my knee and cleaned up some wear. Sunday{today} I feel better then yesterday..my headache is gone and my pain is a little less.

    My brother`s gallbladder surgery went well also. He had a lot of gallstones. He`s going back to work Monday already.

    My nephew had the hardest time of all. He had 4 wisdom teeth cut out. He was in horrible pain and isn`t a very good patient anyhow. Also, after they got home he passed out and fell and cut his head open. He can`t hardly chew and can eat only really soft foods. He is on the mend though too and I`m sure we`ll all be fine.

    Thank you all again. I don`t know what I`d do without you.

    Much love,
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    Good news, the Lord is sure wonderful isn't He?

    Will continue to pray for your nephew, kids are a different story when they are sick. Its good he is on soft foods, my son (Many years ago) was in a car accident and had four of his front teeth knocked out. That was hard to deal with. He was on a soft diet for quite a while.

    The best thing for that is Malts, natural ice cream, creamed potatoes, etc. they will keep his strenght up, and most kids love the malts and ice cream anyway.

    Thank you for letting us know about you and your brother too.

    Take care, and God continue to bless you all.

    Shalom, Shirl