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  1. bandwoman

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    Hi Everyone,

    After not hearing anything I called the hospital and was surprised that they actually let me talk to Nancy (Manager).

    She made it through surgery. Between the morphine and the southern accent I had a little trouble understanding everything she said.

    She is in a lot of pain right now. They did have her up and walking already. She said Alan had not gone home yet so that is why we didn't hear anything.

    She said he was right there and was doing fine. I have to run off to muscle therapy now so have to run.

    I told her I would let you all know how she and Alan are doing and that we were all praying for her. She appreciated that.

    Talk later.

    Nancy (Bandwoman)
  2. janie056

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    I was just going to call the Hospital, but read this post! I am so releived she is doing ok and she has been up already!

    I will try and call her in a few days, it must be difficult to talk right now.

    All My Prayers to Her and Alan!

    Love ya,
  3. caffey

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    For the update and good news.
  4. Asatrump

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    I can't imagine all the things that surgically they did to her. Amazing to think they have you up and walking. Thanks so much for the update, I thought of her many times today.