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  1. Annette2

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    I wanted to update you all on Neurontin since there are so many posts about it. I was prescribed Neurontin in October for the pain in my hands. My rheumy felt I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I was in sooooo much pain and couldn't hold things for very long or open jars or write. Well, I just realized today that my pain is mostly gone. At first I thought it wasn't working. But now I realize that it was a slow process. I started taking 100 mg. a night, then 300 mg. and now 600 mg. And except for the back and neck pain (due to my job) the rest of my body doesn't hurt as much as it had in the past. So if anyone is taking Neurontin, please give it time to work. I guess it just has to build up in your body to eventually take good effect!!!!

    Annette2 :)
  2. donnadb

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    I just started neurontin today. Doc started me on 100mg at bedtime and said I can work up to 300mg slowly.. My question is, do you take the 300 mg. all at once or space it out throughout the day??

  3. healing

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    Annette, thanks for your post. Many of us here have had good experiences with Neurontin. I'll admit it can take some getting used to. Occasionally, it causes me to have an acid stomach. But over time it has really helped my pain, too. And my sleep -- which affects the pain level.
    I take 300 mg. in the morning, 800 after dinner (7:30-ish), and 300 at bedtime. My rheumatologist thinks I should take more, but I'm fine right here for now. She has patients that take much, much more; I don't know what really is considered a large dose! Anyway -- good to read about how it's helped you.
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    Over the past month, I have slowly worked up to where I am taking 200 mgs. Neurontin in the morning, 200 mgs. in the afternoon, and 300 mgs. at bedtime. I am a total zombie, wandering around in a haze, and I cannot drive any more. I have also gained 7 lbs. despite a strict diet. I really do not want to go off the drug, since it has eliminated my morning depression, but I cannot keep on like this. I am glad it is helping you, and I am also jealous, since I seem to have bad reactions to every drug I try.
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    My rheumy started me on 300mg 1x/day, then increased it to 2x/day after a week. Most of the time I feel great, but there are days when the pain sneaks thru the meds. But I agree this is pretty amazing stuff!

    Jan ^v^
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    I do not take Neurontin but I do take the antiseizure medication, Klonopin. Studies are under way to determine whether Klonopin interferes with pain messages in the brain, thus acting as a pain killer. I'm wondering whether the same is true of Neurontin. My hands are no longer stiff and sore in the mornings and they have more strength unless I'm very tired or flaring.

    Klonopin has never made me groggy. I awaken refreshed and alert. I do believe that it is easier to arrive at the proper dose with Klonopin than Neurontin. I also think many docs believe that Klonopin is addictive (which isn't true) and that's why they like the Neurontin better. Many here have been helped by both the Neurontin and the Klonopin.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Annette2

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    I take all of the Neurontin at night before I go to bed. I need to sleep and this helps. I work during the day so don't want to be tired all day. I see my rheumy in a few weeks and am interested to see if she'll increase it.