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    I wanted to tell you all about the appointment today. Oh goodness what some doc's do to people. He was a very nice jolly man to be honest. he did his tests of the pushing and prodding and said well you and your Doc assumed right you DEFINETELY have a bad case of Fibromyalgia. 16 out of 18 painful spots, tears in the eyes with touch, and opoligizing for the pain and wanting me to stop is always the signs I look at with my Fibro patients. So, he went on to tell me that he would be giving me new prescriptions. Ultram and alavil. Allergic to it, well flexeral isn't for long time use. And he placed his hand on my knee my leg from going 100 mph. Sorry just the restless leg again. he said it drives him crazy to watch it and I could stop it if i wanted. OKAY.... Well, I explained three years with flexeral only thing that helps and I'm not allergic to well, it isn't good for you but for now you will have to stay on it he said. He said NOW.. what we need to do is get you rested because without restful sleep your muscles only function about 20%. So, I want you to go home and sleep tonight, a good sleep and get up and find a job tomorrow and go back to work full time!! I swear to you all I busted up laughing at this man. He said what? I said that is really funny, if it were that easy trust me I'd of done it a long time ago. Well, that is your problem you sit home everyday and think about your pain. You need to start living again. Unless you don't have to work, are you married? Does your husband support you? Grrrr!! now I am hot under my painful collar. i said look, I have a full time job and every day i work over-time at that. I raise three children, get out of the house almost daily, not because i want to but i have to for this "job" i have, i have a home and lives that depend on me. And it is a good thing i do not have a boss that does evaluations and bases them on raises cause honey, I'd still be at minimum wage after three years of doing "this job" or been fired a long time ago... OH I didn't know you had three children, well that is tough on you isn't it, Duuu I am thinking. But i think I kind of like him in a sense. he claims to be a specialist in Fibro and wants me to think of all the questions and such for my one month visit so i am hoping that "maybe" I can help him learn a little more about our disease too. The only thing i am leary is he isists it is just pain and if you ignore it, it will go away. It is not disabling in any way he said. Of course however he is not too up on times i don't think. It is under the disability act for a true disability now.

    But I got what I most needed the peace of mind that I am not crazy this is real and I do indeed have Fibromyalgia. Thanks for all your prayers, they paid off for me.
    Take care all.
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    Well yes, you found a doctor to DX you, validation is important. What about finding someone knowlegeable now to treat you. What about finding someone who understands the pain is real, it is debilitating to your health if left untreated.

    Sorry I do not mean to sound crass, but a DX is not enough, now you should find a Doctor who is up on the latest research, can afford you methods of treatment, and can be an important ally and advocate.

    This is a disabling disorder, and pushing on....pretending its not there, and ignoring it, will never make it go away.
    Please do not settle for this.
    Best Wishes,
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    This guy obviously doesn't have a clue. Also, read Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin in our library. If you can find a doc to prescribe it and you tolerate it, it may very well take care of both your sleeping problems AND your restless leg syndrome as well as anxiety and sensory overload.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie I have been begging almost for my primary to give i to me but she is pretty leary and wants the rheumo to do it. I see our rheumo again in May here in town. The one I seen yesterday is from another area. I am hoping with this other guy giving the actual diagnosis our rheumo will be more comfy with treating me for it. It all stems from the million Doc's I seen here in our area kind of thing. Yesterday i had to laugh about what this guy said and today I am asking myself what in the world!! What planet did he come from anyways. He must have come from Mayo clinic where they say if you don't talk about or just ignore your pain, poof it will be gone. Yeah right!! If it were only that easy ha. I am fighting desperately for the the klonapin and will eventually get it. The restless leg and such is getting sooo bad it isn't funny. Can't sleep from it.
    Thanks for all your input. I have a month to decide if i will return, just another page in my journal I guess right.