Update on Poimae and Tyler

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    Dearest Friends,

    It has been too long since I have posted on this board. Please forgive me for my tardiness. Much has transpired since I have been with you last.

    Reference: Tyler B. - the rancher's son who was burned badly by a falling powerline. As a result of the tragic accident, he lost his left arm (four inches remain of his arm at the shoulder), his right arm was lost up to four inches from his elbow, his right great toe was lost. The accident occurred on June 4, 2007. Last week, the doctors took the last drain tube from his body and pronounced him well enough to go home. He does not have to return for a check-up for another month.

    His parents have come to the conclusion that it would be best if Tyler was homeschooled. They had attempted to place him back into public school, but it did not turn out well. The promises made by the school relative to helping Tyler turned out to be hollow. Tyler's one time friends turned out to be people who treated Tyler as some oddity. The teachers were strapped by federal restraints to "teach the material" rather than teaching the student. This essentially left Tyler out in the cold. He is a bright boy and had been enrolled in advanced classes; but now, he cannot turn a page, use a pencil or carry a book. You can see the dilemma.

    After much discussion between Tyler and his parents and my family, we have determined to take him on as one of our students. We have been homeschooling our eight children for eighteen years; one more student doesn't cause a ripple in our schedule. Tyler is the same age and school level as one of our sons, so I am hooking them up together as a team. Today was the second day of this new setting and it is working out very well.

    Since I teach the older children, once they reach their high school years, Tyler will be under my tutelage; consequently, he will be getting the one on one teaching that he needs to successfully finish off his last two years of school.

    This year's schedule of classes include: Chemistry, Geometry, American History, Computer Lab, Language Lab, English and Geography. It has started well, and I predict it will continue to be so.

    Relative to me: I continue to be challenged by the same demons that so many of you are familiar with: GERD, IBS, Acute FMS, - I still average about 2 1/2 to three hours of sleep a night. Still, God's grace is sufficient, and we continue to do all we can for His glory.

    I have recently gone public with the announcement of a new career as a Freelance Copywriter. I am a member of the American Writers & Artists, Inc., where I have been going through their training course on how to become a successful copywriter. You all know of my love for writing. I am praying that our Lord will bless me in this new 'tent-making' vocation I now have. I need to write, and our family could use the income. I appreciate your prayers for me in this new venture.

    Know that I have and continue to pray for you often. Please keep in touch, and I with you.

    In the Master's service,


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    Praying for strength and wisdom as you train these children. You are very busy! Wow.

    Pray also for health to continue as you do the things needed for your family and for yourself.

  3. PoimaeHopkins

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    Dear FiveSue,

    Thank you so very much for your encouraging words. As a retired English teacher, I know you have a love for words, and the proper and effective use of them, as I do.

    God bless you.

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    I ask our Heavenly Father to give you the gift of sleep, that you may get through your strenuos days. I will keep Tyler's name on the tip of my tongue as no child should have to suffer so.

    Good men are hard to find, and I believe you are a good man. God bless you in your attempts and successes at writing and publishing and may you be rewarded for all you do..... especially as you ask nothing in return.
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    Thank you for your kind words. It would be wonderful to sleep for four of five hours at a time - His will be done.

    Blessings to you,

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    ON Tyler, I have kept that young man in my prayers since you first brought him to us for prayer. I am sorry to hear about the school, but do know you will do a wonderful job of teaching him along with your children.

    It is a wonderful Godgiven gift you have to help those who need you, never lose that gift! I know you suffer in your body, but your wonderful mind is such a gracious gift from God, along with your compassion for those who are in such great need of love and human care, as well as their spiritual welfare.

    I will be in prayer for your writings, as well as the copywriting, if you will let me know when some of your work is available, I will help as much as I can to distrbute it too.

    I just managed to get Leon Bates new DVD; "Projection For Survival" (God's Plan of the Ages) & "The Christian Walk" , that just came out, all the way to the Congo in Africa, Lebanon, and India, along with his marvelous tracts, that I mail out with anything I have to put in the mail.

    I had called him to order some tracts, and he asked if I would be kind enough to watch his new DVD (was not on sale then, he had just made it), and give him a call afterwards and let him know what I thought of it, as it was not out in the public yet. I was thrilled to do so.

    The DVD was so wonderful, I was in awe of his wonderful work on it! I called and gave him my opinion. Plus I prayed he would get it out to the public soon.

    I just heard from him, and when I had the first DVD in August this year, he said that he has orders now for over 4,000 of them, plus back orders! How wonderful, they are simply a wonderous blessing.

    I am sure you have heard of him, he and his wife have the "Bible Believers' Evangelistic Ass., Inc." in Sherman, Texas. They ride a motorcycle they call; "Candy" for their ministry and travel all over the states on it, they have had this ministry for 50 years. I have been distributing their tracts for at least 30 years :).

    Do try and get more sleep, as our bodies heal as we sleep, but I am not one to 'preach' on sleeping, as I do not do so well myself in that area. Its almost 2:30am here right now...........

    You and your family 'stay' in my daily prayers Poimae, and will add your new adventure as well.

    In His Glorious Name,

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. PoimaeHopkins

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    Dear Friend,

    You are so right - it is a great challenge to homeschool three teenagers, be a freelance copywriter, a husband and Dad! {Not listed in order of importance! :)

    I guess my military background kicks in and the self-discipline comes to the forefront. By the grace of God, I strive to balance all these responsibilities and more. Of course, I fall short in all of them on a daily basis, but I keep on striving for the goal set before me.

    Thank you for your prayers, I surely need them.

    Your friend,

  8. skikat

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    dear brothr in Christ
    i have been praying for you and hope you will soon be doing better as so many of us love and appreciate you. about tyler,

    as You already know, i dont believe that GOD did this to him for His glory, but some may. but what i do believe is this.

    JESUS can see so far down the road that we in our finite minds cannot imagine. and i think He has used this accident for his glory,maybe he wanted tyler out of the public school system for some reason. perhaps he is setting him aside for something great. we neVer know.

    but perhaps he has placed him in your tender care and Teaching to keep the distractions of public schooling and the temptations thereof away from him. he knows what tyler was created for and maybe has a great plan for his life and you are the only one that can prepare him for that very task. we never know. i will continue to pray for you and yours and also tyler and his family.

    FATHER, in the name of jesus, the Lamb of God , i take these circumstances to you now , expecting you to fulfill youR will for thier lives. i come against every evil spirit that is causing all of this pain and suffering and bind them in the name of Jesus. you said in your word that whatsoever we bind on earth would be bound in heaven and whatsoeVer we loose on earth would be loosed in heaven. i ask you now, to loose the spirit of truth, the energizing power of the Holy Spirit in Poimaes body and in the healing of tyler. and i bind the evil one who makes them to suffer. You said in your word to say things that are not, as though they were. this is faith. i call then healed. i call them uplifted, i call them surrounded by the holy angels that you send to minister to your children. i ask that you bless this dear man and comfort him . also to relieve the pain associated with the burns of tyler, and to remove every wrong emotion that he may feel about his loss.

    i give You thanks before we see the results. i am saying things that are not as though they were. we on this board agree for he healing of these dear ones. in Jesus name , we praise YOU.

  9. PoimaeHopkins

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    Dearest Sister,

    Thankyou for your heartfelt prayer. It is a blessing to me.