Update on serve head pain(pheochromocytoma)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mtnfla, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. mtnfla

    mtnfla New Member

    Well had another episode last night around 6pm,the fentanyl lozenger didn't help at all and finally I gave in and went to the ER after taking to pain mgmt Dr (on call) and say he was going to recommend my pain dr taper or detox me off of the methadone,zanaflex and fentanyl(which I only took once and won't use it again)..

    Told him I was concern about my BP it was 160/110 when I called him and he say it had nothing to do with the headache.I take BP meds on a regular basis and for several months it has been normal and I told him that the intense pain was causing my BP to be high,told me I was wrong..

    Needless to say the ER and Neuro Dr doesn't agreed with him.

    I go staggering into the ER last night and the same triage nurse that was there Monday night was there again adn I told her lets get one thing straight "don't start with me tonight,I'm here per pain mgmt"

    My Bp was 180/120 I was taken straight back,saw the Dr of course and to tell it all again off what has happen during the week,he give me a sho of toradol & pheragan came back in 20 minutes later I was snorzing (loud enough I could hear it ,but didn't care.)

    Saw Neuro this afternoon,(while waiting to see him,I had a mild one)brought him up to speed and it could be what they call thunderclap migraine(which someone here mentioned it could be that).

    With some of the other symptoms I've having he wants to rule out PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA,which after doing some research on it is exactually what I'm going through and it scares me to think this is might be what is wrong.

    I don't know if the lab is open tomorrow or not,but I'm going to call if not it will be Monday before I can get started on this test..

    So I guess what I'm asking is I need prayers,lots of them and you all have been so good to me,I can't think of better people to ask.I have already started my praying on this end.

    I'm still in pain,but not as serve.Hope everyone had a good day..I still not allow to drive and he is keeping me off work a few more days,so hopefullt this mediction he gave me toradol wih help me rest I can only take 5 in a 5 day period..

    Take care,
  2. sheried

    sheried New Member

    I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I get migraines but I don't think they are near that severe.

    You will certainly be in my prayers. Go to the prayer request thread and add your name.

    Hope the toradol helps you.

  3. naturebaby

    naturebaby New Member

    you've been really having an awful time!!! I'm glad to hear you're getting med attention tho.....I was very concerned about you so appreciate the update.

    My DH has high blood pressure. Before he was diagnosed and started BP meds, he would get the most horrific headaches, to the point that he would throw up. He thought they were migraines but they were from the high BP.

    I hope the doctors get to the bottom of this for you SOON. Sending healing thoughts for you and wishing you well, nature
  4. CFIDSNicole

    CFIDSNicole New Member


    I'm sorry you're having such horrible health problems. please keep us posted. Youwill be in my thoughts and prayers---if you haven't done so, add yourself to the prayer list.

  5. mtnfla

    mtnfla New Member

    I just left the prayer list post...

    When I was at my job getting my meds and dropping off Dr note,I decide to check BP it was 87/110 and this was only having a mild episode at the DR office...

    THe Pharmacist made sure to let me know not to take Motrin,Aleive anything with Ibroupen in it while taking the Toradol..

    I was able to sleep through the night,I took the toradol and felt relief within 10-15 minutes and was feeling total relief in 30-45 minutes.Granted the shot works quicker but no need for the ER if you don't need to go.

    Couldn't get through to pain mgmt yesterday (go-figure huh)so far I'm on my second day of no methadone or zanaflex and doing ok...

    Well going to go lay back down I promised myself I wasn't going to do anything but reat the next 2 days(maybe crotcheting some)so i can try to go to work Monday night.

    I go to the lab Monday to get my container for the test..

    Well got to take a shower now,just had one of those sweating spell and my pjs are soaked...

    Hope everyone has a good weekend and takes care,
  6. mtnfla

    mtnfla New Member

    Haven't had the energy to sit up at the pc,lately..

    It seems that I'm having these cramps, and headaches every day now I get at least 1.THey were about 3 days apart,but not anymore,Neuro gave me toradol but not suppose to take more tahn 5 in a 5 days period.

    So far it has kept me out of the ER,but I just feel so worned down..THe sweats are driving me crazy and than the chills..I feel like i don't know which end is up anymore.

    Back to bed I'm going I hate feeling this way,you all take care and have a good day..

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